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Below you will find some of the frequently asked questions regarding Mojo Sharing. If you don’t find the answer to your question, please contact our Sharing Sales Manager Kasper I. Larsen – you can do so at the bottom of the page.

Questions and answers about Mojo Sharing

Can we buy more shares?

You can buy a maximum of three shares. This is to avoid creating a situation where one owner can dominate. The three shares also apply between closely related people. For example, a parent may own two shares and the child one share, but they must not exceed three shares in total.

Can we both stand as owners of the home?

There can only be one owner of the 12.5 %, which constitutes an equal share of the home. This is to prevent shares from ending up in smaller shares in the event of divorce, death, etc. There must always be eight owners.

How do we get out of our ownership?

We are happy to help find buyers for your share for our normal brokerage fee if you want to sell it again. You can also sell your shares yourself. The sharing concept has the great advantage that the new buyer does not have to pay the typical purchase costs of 10-12%, which of course will reflect as well as an advantage for the seller in the sales price.

Can we expect the price to rise on our holiday home?

You may find that the price of shares that you own increases as the home becomes more valuable, and the area becomes even more attractive. We generally assume that there is an opportunity to make a good deal, as homes in the area from Málaga to Marbella have kept reasonable price increases over the last many years, but still have not experienced the increases seen in other countries after the financial crisis.

What does Mojo charge for this?

Mojo takes 1% + Spanish VAT of the total price per family for the concept as a one-off payment. In the sales material, all figures and conditions are carefully described. Furthermore you will be asked to transfer the yearly running costs to the company, in which are included the administration fee to Mojo for the day-to-day administration of the property.

What is the form of ownership of Sharing homes?

Mojo Sharing is not a model where you get the right to use a home for a certain number of days, as was the case in the old “time share concepts”. In Mojo Sharing you are the real, legal owner of the home, it is your property with 12.5% ownership. You can easily sell your shares again, or we can help you find a buyer.

What quality can I expect from a holiday home with Mojo Sharing?

We have carefully selected the homes and thoroughly designed them with a relaxing, modern and elegant look. As a buyer you do not have to think about anything; we have made sure that ALL the interior of the home is of a high standard. And because Mojo is responsible for the administration of the home, we are also there if there is a need to replace a toaster, a washing machine, etc. It’s your home – we take care of it.

Do I have to rent the holiday home myself during the weeks I do not want to use it?

All you have to do is inform us about the weeks, and we will publish the period for holiday rentals through our professional rental agency, Mojo Rentals. It is not allowed for the owners to rent out the home on their own through Facebook or likewise. However, you are welcome to lend the home to close family and friends, as long as the cleaning is coordinated with Mojo, so we ensure the high standard before the next ones check in.

Do I have the opportunity to have my own things in the home?

One of the advantages of owning a holiday home is that you do not have to bring everything back and forth. Each owner is given, if possible, a locked closet where you can store your things. It can be toiletries, pillows, clothes, etc. The closet will typically be in connection with a closed garage or storage room.

Kasper I. Larsen
Mojo Sharing Sales Manager