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Your complete guide to Mojo Sharing

Mojo Sharing makes the impossible possible! You can now own 12.5% of your dream home on the Costa del Sol for only one-eighth of the price. We are talking modern Scandinavian-styled luxury penthouses, apartments, and incredible villas in Marbella, Mijas, Benalmádena, and Fuengirola with ample terraces, stylish rooms and magnificent views at the best locations on the coast!

But what is Mojo Sharing?

It is the new way to buy and own a second home on the Costa del Sol for one-eighth of the price! Mojo Sharing makes luxury homes available for almost everyone by sharing the ownership between eight owners, whom each get the property for more than six weeks a year.

By sharing both the price and the cost with seven other owners, you can buy a bigger, nicer and better-located home than otherwise possible. Check out how fantastic the Mojo Sharing properties are in the video above with Frederik, our Mojo Sharing Sales Manager, and Per, the co-founder of the full-scale real estate concept we call House of Mojo.

If you want more value for the money, Mojo Sharing is the way to go!

There are numerous benefits of choosing Mojo Sharing when buying a holiday home on the Costa del Sol! First of all, you save 87,5% of the purchase price, get a lower deposit and fewer expenses, and avoid any hassle regarding administration, maintenance, and the holiday rental process, as we will take care of EVERYTHING for you. You can even have your operating costs covered by renting out your home in the weeks you are not using. This is a modern, simple, and cheap ownership solution where everyone wins!

How does it work?

Mojo Sharing is constantly monitoring the real estate market on the Costa del Sol to find excellent properties or development projects at the best locations with a lot of potential from both an investment, ownership and rental point of view. We only purchase properties we can imagine living in ourselves because we only want the best for our clients.

If a property lives up to our high-quality requirements, we buy it and make a company that owns it. This means you buy a share of 12.5% of the company that owns the property in question. After purchasing your share of the Spanish company, and thus, the property, you will be the proud owner of one-eighth of a luxury home on the beautiful Costa del Sol, which you can use more than six weeks a year.

If you do not utilise the holiday home all of your designated weeks, you have the option of renting it out to friends and family through our sister company Mojo Rentals, who will take care of all the practicalities for you.

This is real ownership, not a timeshare!

Mojo Sharing is different from the outdated timeshare concept. You will actually own your share of the home that is purchased through the Spanish company that we set up specifically for the Mojo Sharing home. Everything is proper and well-organised.

It is both a good investment and a good solution for you to fully enjoy your vacations with friends and family. A record-high number of foreigners bought a home in Spain in 2022. Probably because the prices in the Spanish housing market have been low for a long time compared to many other European countries, and yet the demand has been increasing, which creates a strong foundation for an advantageous investment opportunity.

Mojo Sharing is a popular choice for families worldwide who want to spend more than six weeks a year in their own luxury home on Costa del Sol – while paying only 12.5% of the price. It is also interesting for others, such as companies, who have cash amounts they want to invest instead of just having them in the bank. With the modern and simple solution offered by Mojo Sharing, you can buy into a luxury home that would otherwise have cost eight times as much if you had bought it alone.

Do you have any questions or interest in seeing our available properties? Please, do not hesitate to contact Frederik, our Mojo Sharing Sales Manager.

Which weeks do which owners get the right to use the home?

We have set up a fair system that strives to make everyone happy. The owners choose the days and weeks they would like to stay in the property through a booking calendar. The first homeowner to buy his/her share get to pick the dates first. However, we have a limit on how many days you can select per distribution round to ensure that everybody will have a fair chance to get the weeks they want.

Each owner has the right to use the property for six weeks and three days a year. The remaining five days will be reserved for us to maintain the property. To make the process as easy and smooth as possible, we are now developing an app that the owners will use in the future to choose their weeks.

Moreover, all the owners will have a private group where they can talk and, in this case, exchange weeks if they want. If something comes up and you cannot use your weeks, you can always put it up for rent via Mojo Rentals and earn some extra money.

Mojo Sharing Financing

We strive to make luxury homes on the Costa del Sol available for everyone! How is that possible, you might ask? With our newest product, Mojo Sharing Financing!

Mojo Sharing Financing allows you to get 80% of your loan financed through Mojo Sharing, which means you just need to come up with the remaining 20% of the property price. This way, you can pay the rest of your share off every month over 15 years, or you can pay out the entire loan after just three years if you prefer. Either way you are guaranteed a fixed interest rate of 6.95% + EURIBOR 3.

We currently have Mojo Sharing properties for sale from EUR 50,000 up to EUR 150,000. Let us say that you want to buy a share of 12.5% of a home that costs EUR 100,000. If you wish to finance your purchase, you can borrow 80% of the price from Mojo Sharing Financing, which in this case would be EUR 80,000. You would only need to bring the remaining 20%, which is EUR 20,000, to get access to the luxury holiday home. The shares will be in our name until the loan is fully paid, after which the ownership will be automatically transferred.

It is not a joke when we say that Mojo Sharing is a modern, simple, and cheap way to buy a luxury home and get a share of the extraordinary lifestyle offered on the Costa del Sol!

Mojo Sharing properties for sale

We have carefully selected all the Mojo Sharing properties and thoroughly designed them to give a cosy luxurious feeling that will make you feel at home and provide you with a profitable holiday rental opportunity. Whether you fancy a large villa in the mountains or a cosy apartment close to the beach overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, our Mojo Sharing team will match your needs and desires with other families to find the ideal shared home for you on the Costa del Sol.

Check out all the available properties, and find your dream home for one-eighth of the price!

Per Moensted

21 Jan 2023

Per Moensted