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Property Investment on the Costa del Sol

Invest in sunshine and southern Spanish bricks

Enjoy returns of up to 16-17% from your Spanish properties

The Costa del Sol is a great place to invest in real estate. And not just because of the climate. Prices remain lower than before the financial crisis, but are on the rise now. The interest rate is low and can be locked for 25 years.

We see several cases with very reasonable returns often up to 16-17%. This is especially true for new developments of quality properties with optimal locations, where there is a large rental return with many weeks of rental and high prices.

We are seeing increasing tourism and traffic on the Costa del Sol, and as what’s new, is that the season is also starting to get longer.

Invest in sunshine and the sweet life

Some people buy houses on the Costa del Sol to have a home in the sun, while others seek a different profit other than pure sunshine. At Mojo Estates, you receive guidance that ensures the highest possible return on your investment.

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Put your mojo in the bank

Mojo Estates helps you make the most of your investment. We know the Costa del Sol and can advise on which areas have the best security and highest resale value, where you can achieve the greatest cash flow when renting out.

Attractive houses are easy to rent out at a good profit – and if you rent out with Mojo Rentals, you will at the same time avoid all the hassle and pay the lowest costs on the market – guaranteed. It’s pure mojo.

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Per Moensted & Jacob Johanssen
Co Founders