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Buy your dream home in the sunny Spain

we will help you throughout the process

When you are looking for houses on the Costa del Sol with Mojo Estates, you have access to all homes on the market here. Therefore, you only have to go to one place to get a complete overview of your options.

You will be met by an experienced team of brokers who speak your language and understand your needs. We guide you safely through everything with a wide range of services that you will not find with other brokers here on the coast. Some of these services are free for you as a buyer – the rest you can get at very favourable prices.


We found our dream home in Nueva Andalucía, and we have Mojo to thank for this. We were matched with a broker who was extremely competent and found housing that matched our wishes. At the same time we were given the opportunity to experience how much we could actually get for our money and BOOM - the home was right there! 'Mojo is options instead of limitations' and have been so helpful. This is why we chose Mojo for our rental needs as well.

Pernille Rosenkrans

The efficient buying process

1. Know your budget

Before you travel down here to go house hunting in the sun with us, you must of course know your budget. We will first of all clarify with you what amount you have available to buy a house for – for example, via savings or equity release on your current house.

You can borrow 70% of the price of the house from the Spanish banks, so you pay 30% and the transaction costs, which are typically 11-12% – or approx. 2.5% when we do it in a corporate form for you.

Contact us here to learn more about the attractive corporate form.

We obtain mortgage offers from several competitive banks and provide pre-approval so that you can make a move once we have found the right house for you.

Buyer's guide

We have created a guide for those who are considering buying a house on the Costa del Sol. Watch and read as we tell you how to make the best deal.

Read more

2. Take a look at the possibilities down here

When your budget is sorted, we will find some selected houses that meet your wishes and needs.

When you travel down here to take a closer look at the houses, we will pick you up at the airport or hotel and show you the houses, and give you a foretaste of the life here on the Coast.

I highly recommend buying a home through Mojo

Jacob Johansen is an is an enthusiastic broker who does a great job of finding the right house. Buying a house in Spain has been astonishingly easy and problem free. Jacob accompanied us to the bank, the lawyer and a notary. All challenges were taken care of and all of our questions were quickly answered. We have been - and are still - in safe hands and looking forward to taking on the Costa del Sol....

Thanks to Jacob and team mojo.

Nina Lei

3. Welcome to a life in the sun

You will probably find out fairly quickly whether we have found the right home for you or not. With the pre-approved mortgage, it is only the price negotiation that is left – which furniture is included, and date of purchase etc.

We help you with all our experience of 15 years on the Coast, both as brokers and with our own numerous private buying experiences.

Before you transfer the deposit (€ 6,000-10,000) for the house to be taken off the market, we prepare a financial simulation which gives you the complete overview. The spreadsheet shows:

4. Mojo 360º offers many advantages

When you buy houses through Mojo Estates, you get a lot of benefits with Mojo 360º.

In addition to the pre-approved mortgage, we have our own lawyers who specialise in purchase of houses and the important wills.
On the Costa del Sol, you pay 1.21% of the value of the home to the lawyer (including VAT). This means that a home for € 600,000 will normally cost € 7,260 in legal fees. At Mojo, we believe that we provide a much higher level of service – especially when it comes to important communications with you – but we do it with a 50% discount, so that in the example above, you only have to pay € 3,630 for our legal assistance.

When the home is yours, one of the first things we do is make sure all the locks are replaced. We can also store a key for you here in the office.

At the same time, you are insured against fire from day one, just as we quickly obtain offers on:

Of course, you also get the best deal on the market with Mojo Rentals – and even with a guarantee!

In short, Mojo 360º is less hassle and more sunshine.

Read about all the other benefits with Mojo 360º

Thank you for professional and competent advice when we were buying our house.

We have now had the house for almost 2 years and feel happier about our decision to invest in a home on the Costa del Sol every time we are here. Help in defining needs and wishes, as well as clarifying opportunities from an economic perspective, is essential to make the right decision.

Paul Henrik Bang