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Mojo Estates is the obvious choice when you want to sell your house on the Sunshine Coast. We speak your language and take care of everything. Therefore, you don’t have to fight the Spanish bureaucracy and the mañana-mañana attitude.

If you sell with Mojo Estates, you can benefit from:

Free legal service
You save 1.21% of the value of your property by using Mojo Estates.
You will not find this offer from other brokers on the Sunshine Coast.

Tax rules and options under control

Unlike other brokers, we help calculate the expected proceeds of sales. Our skilled team of lawyers and accountants manage the very complex tax rules that apply to the sale of selling a house abroad. Here, the following factors comes into play:

You get professional help and advice to take advantage of the opportunities you have to ensure the best possible profit from your sales and know exactly what you have available after your sale.

For the same reason, you do not simply get a check in your hand, as the bank charges high fees to redeem and possibly switch to a currency other than the euro.
We help you avoid these high fees by obtaining the best spot rates on currency exchange and cashing of checks.

Digital presentation is selling

See how we present a property for sale via 3D display. Potential buyers therefore can get the full experience of the house as a home already.

It begins with an assessment

The right pricing gives sales the best starting point

Here’s how to find your best sales price
Because the majority of buyers need a mortgage to buy your house, the smartest thing to get a bank assessment. On top of that, we give a market price. The result is the selling price.
Get a free assessment
Talk to one of our experienced assessment experts. Fill out the form here and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Per Moensted & Jacob Johanssen
Co Founders