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Legal Services on the Costa del Sol

Understanding the Spanish law provides peace of mind

A safe purchase process with the papers in order

To purchase a house is always a complex affair, and when you buy a house abroad, you are seriously far from home. Therefore, it makes good sense to ally with someone who has home advantage.

Mojo’s own legal department consists of two talented lawyers, who both manage the sections nationally and locally. This applies to all papers relating to the housing transaction itself, but also other relevant legal documents such as wills etc.

We help you by doing due diligence and thus ensuring the legality of the home / property that you are considering buying so that you do not buy a pig in a poke.

A Spanish subsidiary gives you financial benefits when buying a house on the Costa del Sol. And this is an obvious opportunity to take advantage of, for example, if you own a holding company with free funds standing, but also for individuals who want to invest within a 5 year time horizon.
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Mojo 360º also keeps track of the numbers
Paragraphs are one thing, numbers and finances another. That’s why an accountancy service is also part of the Mojo 360º, and we can help you get the insurance in place before moving in.
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With Mojo Legal Services, everything is fine

A happy buyer takes ownership of his new villa for 3.5 million. Lorena from Mojo Legal Services is in control of the formalities.

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Gema Martinez & Lorena Sánchez
Legal Service