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Understand the Costa del Sol great investment potential

with the right partner, sun can turn into gold

Mojo Invest is for those investors who would like to invest in property, land and development projects on the Costa del Sol, and who are looking for an experienced partner with a foundation and an organisation to make things happen.

In addition to our in-depth local market knowledge, Mojo’s many years of business and investment experience benefit greatly. We also have the necessary competencies in all aspects of property development, sales, rental and much more. You can read more about us at the bottom of the page. First, let’s look at the Costa del Sol and the opportunities growing in the southern Spanish sun.

Low-risk, reasonable returns

The southern Spanish property market offers good opportunities for obtaining reasonable returns with a relatively low risk.
Since 2015, house and property prices have been steadily rising – and that trend seems to be continuing.
Prices are also still on the right side of the curve – compared to prices before the 2008 financial crisis. In particular, the Costa del Sol offers investors the opportunity to join the big upturn.

That is why the Costa del Sol is interesting as an investment case

With more than 320 days of sunshine on average per year and a well-developed infrastructure accustomed to manage the roughly 20 million tourists who visit the Costa del Sol annually, the foundations for success are in place. The potential is great. And demand as well.

In Mojo Estates, we experience greater and greater interest in getting a bite of this sunny paradise, where the sky is the limit. There is something for everyone, and it applies whether it is a holiday or an all-year residence. But more and more people are striving for higher quality and greater exclusivity.

That’s why construction and development are in the works in many places on the coast. These New developments are particularly interesting in terms of investment, as the properties can often yield a return even when completed.

Therefore Spain and the Costa del Sol
✔ Spain is among the 10 countries in the world that receive most foreign investments
✔ Spain is the country in Europe that has the third-most highly educated
✔ Spain is the world’s second largest tourist destination in terms of revenue
✔ The Costa del Sol has an average of 320+ sunny days a year and the mildest winters in Europe
✔ The area around Málaga is extremely sought after by tourists, and the number of tourists increases annually by 4-5%
✔ The local infrastructure is well-designed and well-developed in relation to the large and increasing number of people
✔ The Costa del Sol is attractive to wealthy people and quality conscious “bon vivants” seeking companionship

What is Mojo Invest?

Mojo Invest is part of Mojo Estates S.L., a professional organisation with a primary focus on buying, selling, developing and renting properties on the Costa del Sol.
Established by Per Moensted and Jacob Johansen, the company serves hundreds of buyers and sellers each year, as well as thousands of happy holidaymakers through its sister company, Mojo Rentals S.L.

The basic idea behind Mojo Estates is to give buyers and investors the experience we missed when we, as foreigners, settled on the Costa del Sol. An unrivalled full-service experience before, during and after the deal. Happy customers are attracting new customers, and Mojo Estates is and will continue to be the obvious first choice.

Our services are based on solid expertise in the following areas:

  • House purchase and rental
  • Sales and marketing
  • Investment advice and wealth management
  • Attorney and auditor assistance
  • Architecture, design, interior design and craftsmanship
  • At Mojo Invest we have all the necessary skills that can help investors make a good investment with a reasonable return.
    We dare to think new and challenge the status quo – this is not an opportunity to stop – but without compromising our own ethical guidelines and high quality standards.

    Contact us for more information

    If you would like to hear more about Mojo Invest and your opportunities to invest in property or development projects on the Costa del Sol, please feel free to contact us.

    Per Moensted & Jacob Johanssen
    Co Founders