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Financing for Purchasing Property in Spain

Borrow 70% of the purchase price from a Spanish bank

get the loan approved in advance – and you are ready to buy

At Mojo Estates, your budget is always important. So let’s calculate your finances together – and you can include all the factors in your calculation.

  • Amount available
  • Loan options
  • If necessary, co-financing on rental
  • You may have available capital in private or in a holding company that you would like to invest in a property here on the Costa del Sol. You may also have some equity in your house that you would like to spend on a holiday home. Or maybe you talked to your European bank about the possibilities.

    Either way – let us get a non-binding mortgage offer from a Spanish bank for you. We have good relations and the banks want to lend to Europeans up to 70% of the purchase price.

    Optimal financing with Mojo

    Borrow 70% of the purchase price in a Spanish bank with an attractive fixed-rate mortgage. Europeans often get loans approved.

    Pre-approval makes it easier

    Pre-approved loans are not widespread down here, but we at Mojo have introduced the Spanish banks to the concept. And such approval obviously makes it easier to find the right house within your budget.

    At the same time, you can move faster when you find the right home. You can probably feel exactly when it is happening. Of course, you should probably sleep on it, but with the loan pre-approved, you can in principle say yes right away – so that others do not buy it right from under your nose.

    Get loans authorised in advance

    Once the financing is ready, the fun begins. You can now go house hunting in the sun.

    Contact us for more information

    We are ready to advise and guide you on all aspects of house purchases on the Costa del Sol. This also applies to financing and the many other services offered by Mojo Estates.


    Daniel Olmedo
    Customer Service Manager