Mojo Estates

Property Insurance for Owners in Spain

Fire insurance on your Costa del Sol home from day 1

And great deals on your other insurance

Where do I get the best insurance at the best price in Spain? Leave it to us. We make sure your house is insured from the moment you get the key. In addition, 3 quotes are obtained for each insurance you wish to take out.

We collect documents and information from the insurance companies and you will present you with the quotes. It’s easy and clear, and you can always get help and guidance to make the best choice.

If you want to rent out your home when you are not using it yourself – for example with Mojo Rentals – then your insurance must of course take this into account. The same applies if you have a car, boat or other property that needs to be insured, or if you do business.

Part of something bigger
Insurance is part of Mojo 360º, which is our full-service package for those who purchase accommodation through Mojo Estates.

Read more about Mojo 360º here.

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about insurance and other aspects of house purchases on the Costa del Sol.


Daniel Olmedo
Customer Service Manager