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Mojo Rentals is the obvious choice

professional, accomplished and effortless for you

Whether you are new on the rental market or have tried other local agencies, Mojo Rentals is the obvious choice. We have a professional setup that will ensure you:

It is rental the Mojo way!

Penthouse right next to the beach

Here, our Property Manager Cristina presents an attractive penthouse right next to the beach and waterfront in Fuengirola.

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Mojo handles all the practical

If you choose Mojo Rentals, we will sort out all the practicalities for you. You may have heard that from other agencies before, but we actually do it. We know how we want things when we rent out our own homes. It just has to be right – no hassle, no worries.

Always professional handling:

In addition to making it easy for you to rent out your house, we also make it easy and extra attractive for quality conscious tenants to rent it. We market it, among other things, through all the leading rental portals. A service only the fewest rental agencies can manage

In other words, we do what we can to make the most of your house – and an even better life in the sun.

Want to hear more about Mojo Rentals – and why we are the obvious choice?

You can always contact our experienced Property Manager, Cristina Palmero, and get answers to your questions.

Cristina Palmero
Property Manager