A guide to Buying in Spain, Costa del Sol

Now is the time to invest

The Spanish housing market is on the rise. You can still get in and ride the wave. Read more about goods investment with Mojo Invest.

Renting is good business

If you rent out your home a few weeks a year, you can often cover your expenses. Read more about renting out the Mojo way!

Consider a new-build house

If you invest in a house in the house while it’s under construction, it's worth the wait. And you don't have to bear a financial risk. Read more about your options here.

Optimal financing

With financing in place, your dream house in southern Spain won't turn into a nightmare. Learn more about options here.

We make it easy for you

Life on the Sunshine Coast should be purely pleasurable. With Mojo 360º you can focus on the fun parts. We will take care of the rest. Read more about the many benefits of Mojo 360º here.

Find your mojo on the Costa del Sol

We’ll help and advise you throughout the whole process. Find out more here.

An effortless life in the sun

Say adiós to the trouble and hola to Mojo 360°. Read more about the many benefits here.

The Costa del Sol is addictive

Warning: The Sunshine Coast is addictive - how expensive can you allow your new habit to get?

Invest in sunshine and the sweet life

Invest in sunshine and the sweet life - bricks and mortar on the Sunshine Coast pay off.

A good investment: you get a lot of home and sunshine for your money

A good investment: You will get a lot of house and sunshine for your money - Spanish property prices are about 27 % below the Danish and French.

Mojo Sharing Mijas

Your complete guide to Mojo Sharing

Mojo Sharing makes the impossible possible! You can now own 12.5% of your dream home on the Costa del Sol for only one-eighth of the price. We are talking modern Scandinavian-styled luxury penthouses, apartments, and incredible villas in Marbella, Mijas, Benalmádena, and Fuengirola with ample terraces, stylish rooms and magnificent views at the best locations...

What are the risks of investing in Real Estate on the Costa del Sol?

Investing in real estate can be a great way to secure your financial future, but it’s essential to understand the risks involved, especially when it comes to investing in a foreign market like Costa del Sol. Luckily for you, we know two gentlemen who know quite a lot about the real estate market and how...