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A good investment: you get a lot of home and sunshine for your money

We only need to go back to 2014 to hit rock bottom property values in Spain. While the downward curves bottomed out earlier in Denmark and France, the decline continued in Spain, where the prices dropped a total of 30% over six years. This explains the noticeable difference that we are still seeing on property prices in the three countries that were well below pre-crisis levels. If you invest now, you might be able to ride the wave going up.

Increased growth and reforms are positively contagious
Although progress is not as fast as in the past, growth in Spain is still significantly higher than in the other large European countries. This is due to, among other things, the fact that the banking sector has been overhauled and reforms that have created jobs have renewed a desire to invest. As a result, the economic gap stemming from the crisis has also begun to close.
This is what Nykredit reports in an analysis that also expresses the expectation of “solid economic growth for some time yet.”

The positive knock-on effects on house prices are clear. In 2019 alone, house prices increased by 3-4% in Spain, and on the Sunshine Coast new numbers are showing really fast increases by 8.4% in Andalusia with strong increases in Malaga and Marbella. Further increases are expected in 2020. In five years, prices in Spain have increased by 14% overall, but there is still a bit of a way to go to reach property prices in Denmark and France. Here, prices are now on a par with pre-crisis levels and continually on the rise.

Take advantage of the 27% difference
With a difference in property prices of around 27%, you get much more property for your money in Spain compared to Denmark or France. If you invest in Spanish brick, there are good returns in sight, and on the Sunshine Coast you get 320 days of sunshine a year, which only adds value to your investment. This applies whether you use the property yourself or choose to rent it out.

At Mojo Estates, our experienced team helps you make the most of your investment. We know which areas will give you the highest resale value and where the rental potential is greatest.
So, come and chat with us if you wish to make a good investment in property in southern Spain. Sunshine can’t be deposited in the bank, but sun gives your investment great growth conditions – thanks to the advantageous market.

Homes for all tastes
Many new buildings are still being built on the Costa del Sol. Bright and Scandinavian-inspired homes with a Spanish charm appear along the coast, where you can of course still find authentic country houses (fincas) and other homes. It’s all about your mojo – it’s your mojo that decides what the best housing match is for you.
On our website you can find all homes on the market right now. You can also see which construction projects are on the way. Whatever you’re looking for, we can help you. Both before, during and after the deal:

  • We obtain mortgage offers and provide pre-approval
  • Our own lawyers ensure that deeds and other papers are in order
  • Our experts check the numbers and your options
  • You get extra mojo with Mojo 360º
    Tell us about your mojo and we’ll tell you what opportunities the Sunshine Coast has to offer.

    A safe and efficient buying process – and an even sweeter life in the sun


    The Sunshine Coast is our speciality and we have extensive experience in the property market here. Our brokerage team is ready to advise and guide you throughout the process. And we’re also ready at the airport in Málaga to take you out to show you the houses when you’re ready for it.

    Before you hop on the plane heading for the Sunshine Coast however, we need to have the some paperwork prepared.

    Tell us about your wishes, needs and your budget. Then we will tell you about your opportunities to become a homeowner on the Sunshine Coast.


    Per Moensted

    20 Feb 2020

    Per Moensted