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Find your mojo on the Costa del Sol

You’ll soon find that life is more fun in the sun. Especially if you got a good deal on your house. We can help you with that – the mojo way!

If you are considering buying a property here on the Sunshine Coast, we can help map out your options. There are several ways to buy a house here in southern Spain.

Of course, you can buy as an individual with a certain amount available that you are ready to invest in a home. But if you own, for example, a holding company with capital available, you should wait before withdrawing money from your personal finances.

More benefits with a Spanish subsidiary
Instead, if you leave the funds in your holding company, you can save on tax and reinvest the money down here – for example through a Spanish company. This gives you a number of financial benefits for your home purchase.

On average, we help 3-4 customers each month to set up a subsidiary to buy a home on the Sunshine Coast. We are part of the whole process – from the establishment to the subsequent audit – and ensure that you make a good investment.

First step towards a life in the sun
Contact us to discuss your options. It’s completely noncommittal, but you’ll probably already feel an infectious mojo…

A safe and efficient purchase process – and an even sweeter life in the sun


The Sunshine Coast is our speciality and we have extensive experience in the real estate market here. Our brokerage team is ready to advise and guide you throughout the process. And we’re also ready at the airport in Málaga to take you out to show you the houses when you’re ready for it.

Before you get on the plane heading for the Sunshine Coast, however, we need to have a few things in place.

Tell us about your wishes, needs and your budget. Then we will tell you about your opportunities to become a homeowner on the Sunshine Coast.


Per Moensted

20 Feb 2020

Per Moensted