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At Mojo Estates we want the best for you. We think you deserve it. Isn’t that also why you’re interested in a home on the Sunshine Coast? On the Costa del Sol, where the sun is dancing. If “keep cool” has always been your motto – then welcome to the exclusive club that we call Mojo Home Owners.
No one buys a home on the Sunshine Coast to get more commitments in life. Obligations come with it of course, but why not let others take care of them for you? This is the philosophy behind Mojo 360º, that lets you savour every minute you spend in the sun.

If you buy a home through Mojo Estates, you will automatically become a Mojo Home Owner and receive a wide range of benefits, and you have the option to sign up for more services at advantageous prices.

Standard Mojo:

and much more …

Extra Mojo:

and much more …

More Mojo – less “oh no!”
At Mojo Estates we want to provide a complete service experience. We think life should be easy here on the Sunshine Coast. That’s why we moved down here ourselves. Unfortunately, at the time, Mojo Estates didn’t exist, so we had to fend for ourselves.

We want to spare you the frustrations and bad experiences!

A safe and efficient purchase process – and an even sweeter life in the sun


The Sunshine Coast is our speciality and we have extensive experience in the property market here. Our brokerage team is ready to advise and guide you throughout the process. And we’re also ready at the airport in Málaga to take you out to show you the houses when you’re ready for it.

Tell us about your wishes, needs and your budget. Then we will tell you about your opportunities to become a homeowner on the Sunshine Coast.


Per Moensted

20 Feb 2020

Per Moensted