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Optimal financing

It is by its very nature your economy that determines your housing adventure on the Sunshine Coast. Let’s work it out – because then we’ll make sure you consider all the factors in your calculations. This will ensure a funding solution that is 100% tailored to your finances.

You are reading this because you are to some degree (hopefully very much so!) interested in buying a house on the Sunshine Coast. Maybe you’ve already seen some property ads and imagined a home for yourself with panoramic windows and a large terrace with a view of the sea in a peaceful and tranquil setting, close to the golf course and not too far from the airport.

But what’s your budget?

It’s usually one of the very first questions we will ask you. And with good reason, because it’s crucial for us to decide what houses we’re going to show you. It would be a waste to fall in love with something that you cannot afford.

Borrow 70% of the purchase price
Before we start finding options for you, we have to talk finances. Based on the down payment you can afford, we calculate what your property may cost for you. In Spain, you can borrow 70% of the purchase price. The last 30% you have to pay up front.

In addition, we calculate how much you can borrow, just as we take a look at the overall economy – what are your opportunities for rental earnings and what is the potential gain on your investment in Spanish bricks and mortar on the Sunshine Coast?

This is how you get a full overview of the situation before moving on to the next step.

Get an overview of your options

Mojo has their connections in order – with local partners we’ll get the furthest


When you buy a property through Mojo Estates, you benefit from our large local network on the Sunshine Coast. We know the area and have connections. Therefore, we can help you safely and professionally through all phases of a home purchase.

Steer clear of the pitfalls with Mojo Estates. This way you are guaranteed to enjoy your new home on the Sunshine Coast as much as possible.


Per Moensted

20 Feb 2020

Per Moensted