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Spanish house prices have not yet fully recovered since the crisis hit hard in the late 00s. However, prices are steadily on the rise, not just on the Sunshine Coast. Now you can secure a good home at a reasonable price and with a good return when you want to sell again one day.

While house prices in many parts of Denmark, France and other European countries have reached the same level as before the crisis hit, the Spanish housing market is still lagging behind. However, prices have started to rise again and seem to be following the trend we are seeing elsewhere in Europe.

Same positive growth as in Madrid and Barcelona
If we look specifically at the resale of homes in the Malaga province, we can see a rise in value that corresponds to the development of major Spanish cities, such as Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona.

The increase in the province is 7-9% (2018-2019) per year, which is twice the national average.
This development is partly caused by interest from foreign home buyers, who have caught their eye on the potential.

Popular to buy properties on The Sunshine Coast
The low prices and positive developments make it extra attractive to invest in a house on the Sunshine Coast. Many Danes and other Europeans have realised this, which in turn helps to further increase the trend.

In other words, it’s not just the expectation of a life in the sun, luxury and comfort that makes hedonists buy homes here in southern Spain. It is also the expectation of a solid return that drives them.

Want to learn more about your investment opportunities?

Professional and experienced advice – the Sunshine Coast is our speciality

Buying and selling properties here in Spain does not follow the same standards that you know from Denmark or other European countries. With Mojo you receive professional advice and guidance throughout the entire process, so that you can get the most out of your investment.

Your opportunities to make a good investment here on the Sunshine Coast are ideal – and we will uncover them all with you.
We’ll make forecasts for your investment and look at, among other things, the potential for renting out the property if you do not need to use it for yourself throughout the whole year.
Mojo can also help you with funding, negotiation and the legal aspects.



Per Moensted

12 Feb 2020

Per Moensted