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Green Hill Marbella | Costa del Sol – Perfect Buy

Cabopino – perfect for buying and renting
Cabopino is right on the border between Marbella and Mijas Costa, gentlemen dog to Marbella municipality. It is a good 10 minute drive to Marbella center and Fuengirola, and 35 minute drive to Malaga airport.

The area is undoubtedly better known to the charming marina, whose surrounding residential area is called Puerto Cabopino. It is here loads of people come during the summer months for drinks at the beach bars, which often have talented musicians as entertainment, and to relax on the beautiful sandy beaches, with the invitation to so water activities and completely relax.
Inside the harbor itself, there are exquisite restaurants where you can enjoy freshly caught fish surrounded by impressive yachts that are owned by some famous people who are docked at this harbor. Due to the limited size of the harbor. The harbor is well kept and preserved has to be a hidden gem.

It is not only busy during the summer months, Cabopino is a well-visited area. Watch Per and Jacob when they visited Cabopino and Calahonda in March in short sleeves and loads of sunshine.

Exquisite boardwalk – relaxed and wide beaches
Cabopino is also known for having one of the finest beaches on the Costa del Sol. Beaches, which are part of a conservation area called Dunes de Artola, are preserved and undisturbed and the dunes extend so far, the eye reaches. Furthermore, the sand is deposited naturally due to the dunes and is some of the most white, fine sand you will find on the Costa del Sol. On TripAdvisor you can see the extremely high ratings that Cabopino Beach has received from the many visitors. Another reason why the beach at Cabopino is so exquisite is the distance to the N-340 / A-7 motorway. Unlike other stretches of the Costa del Sol, the freeway runs well away from the beach – the entire 400 meters of refuge in this case, of course, has an impact on the relaxed atmosphere that is here on this strand.
Boardwalk: The long wooden path that you can stroll along the Costa del Sol will be just over 200 km when completed. So far, the stretch of wooden trail begins 500 meters outside Cabopino harbor and runs and 6 km of an uninterrupted stretch to the fishing village of La Cala de Mijas. The boardwalk is expected to expand on the Costa del Sol in an uninterrupted line in 2023 – you can follow this project here.

Uninterrupted views of the Mediterranean
Just above Cabopino Puerto lies Cabopino Golf, an 18-hole golf course surrounded by conifers (pino means spruce), which offers free views of the harbor and the Mediterranean from most holes. The course consists of three par 3 holes, two par 5 and the rest is par 4.
Between Cabopino Puerto and Cabopino Golf lies Cabopino Camping, a family-friendly campsite primarily with holiday cabins. Due to the campsite and the golf course’s location, there is an almost uninterrupted views of the Mediterranean, no matter where you are in Cabopino.

Property for sale in Cabopino
If you are thinking about buying a property on the Costa del Sol and think you will be delighted with the Cabopino area, you can check out Mojo Estate’s selection of properties in Cabopino here. Due to its location, harbor, golf course and beaches, the area has a fair amount of properties of the type Mojo Estates calls ‘Recession Proof’ housing. That is, the properties here has a high rental potential, regardless of the global economy. For the same reason, many people choose to buy a property in Cabopino in order to use it for rent during the period when they do not use it themselves. If you have a rental property in Cabopino, you obviously need someone to take care of marketing, renting, cleaning and all that is practical. We will do that in Mojo Rentals when you find the right home.
If you need help finding the right home on the Costa del Sol that fits your needs, Mojo Estates is also here to help you find it.

Per Moensted

22 Jun 2020

Per Moensted