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El Rosario in Marbella – your guide to the area

El Rosario in Marbella is a quiet, beautiful and profitable area of Marbella with a superb location close to the beach, golf courses, beach bars, restaurants, supermarkets, sports clubs and all the necessary amenities. El Rosario attracts international travellers, property investors, digital nomads and home buyers looking for a great home in a beautiful and safe neighbourhood with the opportunity to make a good deal.

We have many nice things to say about El Rosario, but we would much rather show you an example of a villa that has made more than one jaw hit the ground. We only recommend residential areas and properties on the Costa del Sol that we can vouch for ourselves. That is why Jacob (aka Mr Jo) has been out exploring a rather impressive property to give you a better idea of what El Rosario has to offer. Watch the video below for a tour of an impressive, state-of-the-art 350 square metre beach villa in El Rosario with a 200 square metre terrace, private pool, zen meditation room, games and party room, garden and much more!

Your guide to El Rosario in Marbella

El Rosario is a residential neighbourhood in Marbella on the Costa del Sol. The area can be described as a combination of exclusivity with a touch of youthfulness. Most of the international buyers interested in renting or buying a home in El Rosario choose the area because of its proximity to the airport, good educational opportunities, child-friendly neighbourhood and convenient infrastructure. In addition, homeowners have the opportunity to become part of an international and social community that is active in both summer and winter. El Rosario is a property buffet with a little bit of everything but only appetising and quality dishes. The neighbourhood consists of a mix of apartments, townhouses and luxury villas in different price ranges. It’s an idyllic paradise on the Costa del Sol that is attracting interest from those looking for a great rental property, a profitable property investment or a dream home for all or part of the year.

Active lifestyle and outdoor shopping centre

Although El Rosario is a relatively small area, the residents get excellent value for the money. The outdoor shopping centre El Nuevo Rosario is the first thing you see when driving off the A7 motorway. Here you will find all sorts of shops, such as supermarkets, car mechanics, bars, cafes, restaurants, hairdressers and even a bakery that prepares healthy lunches and other delights.

For the active and sports-interested people, there is the Royal Tennis Club Marbella, which, in addition to being a fantastic tennis club with great gravel courts, paddle tennis courts, a shop and a restaurant, also has a fitness centre where you can use the facilities for your own workout or you can participate in different classes such as power tonification or aerobics. The tennis club is close to the shopping area.

Golf enthusiasts will find El Rosario particularly appealing, as it is located near some of the finest golf courses in Marbella, Marbella Golf & Country Club and Santa Clara Golf. They are located side by side and are both 18-hole courses which overlook the Mediterranean Sea from most holes. Who says you cannot enjoy a spectacular view while swinging the club and aiming for a hole-in-one?

Beachside Rosario

As the sun sets over the dark, shimmering sea, El Rosario’s beachfront comes alive with life and light. The area possesses a charming blend of Spanish culture, exclusivity, hospitality and modernity, making it an attractive place for those looking for a life of both relaxation and adventure. This residential neighbourhood attracts many international homeowners who dream of getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city to warm, idyllic and tranquil surroundings. Here, you have all this while being close to the major cities of Marbella, Fuengirola and Malaga.

On the beach side of El Rosario, you will find a number of popular beach bars and beach clubs that attract visitors all year round thanks to their many exciting events, cosy atmosphere, great prices and delicious food. These beach bars and clubs are perfect meeting places for a fun afternoon with friends or a relaxing weekend with a nice brunch or a romantic dinner. We can recommend Siroko Beach, Nosso Summer Club, and Bono Beach. These places have all managed to create a wonderfully bohemian atmosphere that has gradually become the recognisable trait of the best beach bars on the Costa del Sol. There is also the more child-friendly Hippopotamus Beach for families with children, where the young ones can play at the water’s edge while the adults enjoy a good meal at the beach cafe.

The perfect blend of a relaxed and vibrant atmosphere

El Rosario stands as a hidden gem at the heart of the renowned Costa del Sol, captivating the attention of both discerning investors and property seekers looking for quality and Andalusian charm. With its golden beaches, lush greenery and breathtaking views, this tranquil residential neighbourhood attracts potential buyers drawn to the idea of a peaceful Mediterranean lifestyle. El Rosario possesses the perfect blend of vibrant life and relaxed beach atmosphere. Many residents live and work in the area year-round and have children in local schools, meaning it never feels empty, as it sometimes does in other popular tourist destinations outside of peak season. Does this mean that El Rosario is overrun with tourists and overcrowded in the summer? No, fortunately, that is not the case. There are hardly any hotels in the neighbourhood, nor are there as many holiday rentals as in other popular towns on the Costa del Sol, so El Rosario is a wonderful place all year round.

Exploring Real Estate Opportunities

If you are still reading this, we assume El Rosario has caught your interest. Maybe you are even toying with the idea of buying a property in the area. Let us dive into the promising property opportunities El Rosario offers international investors and home buyers. Marbella’s robust property market has been a favourite among European and global investors for decades, and El Rosario holds a special place in this region. El Rosario is just five kilometres from Marbella’s vibrant city centre and 15 km from the exclusive Puerto Banús. Imagine owning a peaceful retreat in a beautiful Andalusian neighbourhood close to the Mediterranean Sea and just minutes from world-class restaurants, entertaining nightlife, endless shopping opportunities and luxurious yachts, cars and homes.

Real estate options in El Rosario encompass a diverse range of architectural styles, from contemporary villas and apartments to charming townhouses. Surrounded by verdant golf courses and lush landscapes, these properties boast modern amenities and offer stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea or the majestic mountains. In the area, you will also encounter some of the most exclusive homes on the Costa del Sol. If you are looking for a unique, upscale, luxurious, and extraordinary home, then check out Mojo’s exclusive properties for sale.

Educational opportunities for children and young people

What are the educational options in the area? How is the quality, and which languages are offered? These are factors that can influence property prices and play an important role for you as both a buyer and, maybe later, a seller. In El Rosario, there are two renowned and ever-popular educational institutions. The first one, Las Chapas College, is a bilingual school (Spanish and English), and the other, the acclaimed English International College (EIC), is an English language school that offers education from primary through GCSE to ’A’ level.

Property prices in El Rosario, Marbella

El Rosario has garnered interest from international property investors due to its stable market and potential for attractive returns. The Costa del Sol has generally been a sought-after destination for property investment, with a constant demand for holiday homes for short-term rentals during the high season. Property prices in El Rosario, as in the rest of the world, can vary depending on the property, location and views. Beachfront and sea view properties tend to skyrocket (and for good reason), but there are options to suit different budgets. However, the average price for flats and houses for sale in El Rosario and Las Chapas today is 1,792,394 € as of the 27th of July, 2023. In general, the average square metre price in Marbella is 5,966 €.

Keep in mind that the property market can fluctuate, influenced by local and international factors such as inflation, economic conditions, wars and market demand. Whether you are looking for a dream home, a profitable investment or a relaxing holiday, El Rosario in Marbella is an exceptional location with something for everyone, as long as you enjoy the Andalusian charm and high quality. Contact Mojo Estates for professional advice from a local, experienced and professional real estate agency. Are you ready to take the plunge and let your property dreams unfold on the beautiful Spanish coast?

Per Moensted

04 Jul 2020

Per Moensted