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Picasso Museum – Malaga

Picasso Museum – Málaga’s undisputed most popular museum
Just over 700,000 people made their way past the Picasso Museum in central Málaga last year, putting the museum in an undoubted first place among Málaga’s 30 museums. And yes, there are as many as 30 museums in the city. In fact, Málaga marked itself a few years ago as a ‘Museum City’, but that is a different story. In this article, we take a closer look at the museum in honor of the city child Pablo Picasso and tell a little about what you need to be aware of, how to buy tickets as well as a little about what the city has to offer.

New collection 2020-2023
Pablo Picasso was a very productive artist, and although his works can be found all over the world, the museum in Málaga contains well over 400 of these in the updated 2020-2023 collection called ‘Dialogues with Picasso’. Most of the works are donated by Picasso’s family and on the museum’s website, you can see a more detailed overview of the works themselves and the exhibitions, which extend over several floors.

The museum is located in the historic part of Málaga city center. In fact, Pablo Picasso’s birthplace in Plaza de la Merced is the large, open space at the foot of the city’s Mauer castle ‘La Alcazaba’ – both worth a visit. You can park in the underground car park under the Plaza de la Merced, which is probably the easiest if you arrive by car. The Plaza de la Merced is just a few minutes’ walk from the Picasso Museum.

In recent years, Málaga has become an extremely popular holiday destination, with the center of Málaga in particular attracting tourists who want a lot of culture and gastronomy for the money. The city’s hotels report ‘everything sold out’ year after year in the high season, but the city is well visited all year round, which is why many have also opened their eyes to the investment opportunities in buying a home in Málaga city center, whether it is as new construction or resale of homes with true Andalusian charm.

Roof terraces and Andalusian architecture
The museum building itself is a magnificent example of 16th-century Andalusian architecture. And just as you move through the streets of the historic part of Málaga city center to get to the museum, it is impossible not to fall in love with the beautiful properties with wooden shutters and flowers on the French balconies. For the same reason, the center of Málaga is also an insanely popular city for tourists who would rather rent an authentic apartment with associated facilities such as a kitchen and its own terrace than stay in a hotel. Take a look here to see which properties Mojo Estates has for sale in the center of Málaga right now. Especially apartments with roof terraces are hugely sought after and if you want to get the feel of what it’s like to enjoy drinks on some of the city’s most delicious roof terraces while the sun goes down behind the horizon, you can check out the 10 best roof bars in Málaga out here.

How to buy a ticket to the Picasso Museum
You can easily buy your entrance to the museum itself, but you save both time and money by buying entrance in advance via the Picasso Museum’s ticket booking. The museum often holds concerts and other activities in the courtyard on the weekends, so keep an eye on the activity calendar when booking your ticket if you want an experience beyond the usual when visiting Málaga’s most popular museum. There is also a café here, so you can have a cup of coffee and a bite to eat. If you only have time for a short visit, admission is free every Sunday for the last two hours of opening hours.

Per Moensted

27 Jul 2020

Per Moensted