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Stupa Hills in Benalmadena

Stupa Hills in Benalmadena
The unusual white building with the gold spire towers proudly from one of Benalmádena’s highest points and can be clearly seen from most of the coast. We are talking about the stupa, which has become an emblem of the area, partly because it is architecturally beautiful and also serves as an excellent landmark, as it lights up and is visible from near and far.
A new housing project near the stupa, called Stupa Hills, reflects the stupa’s Buddhist tranquility and sublime well-being, and the bar is set high to achieve quality with simple, cleanliness in a contemporary design that puts nature first.

Benalmádena – a family-friendly area
Benalmádena is a relatively large area that stretches down from the coast and several hundred meters up the mountainside. Homes in Benalmádena are available in many different price ranges. More and more families, especially families with young children, are choosing to buy a home in Benalmádena, and there are several good reasons for this; with Málaga Airport just 10 minutes away by car and train connection directly to the airport and to Málaga city center, the area is really suitable for families who would like to spend extended weekends and various holidays in their holiday home in Málaga and those who want that will have easy access to and from their residence. Furthermore, Benalmádena itself has many interesting offerings in terms of entertainment, dining experiences and fun for the kids.

Here are just a few suggestions for what a weekend with the family can look like if you own a home in Benalmádena:

Of course, Benalmádena also has a lot to offer for adults. Benalmádena Marina has a sea of ​​good restaurants, and the area around Stupa Hills offers a wealth of sports facilities such as all kinds of racket sports and generally good training facilities for active souls.

Stupa Hills Housing Project
The residential area Stupa Hills is a project under the Reserva del Higuerón Privé, which is already a recognized brand known for stylish quality homes on the Costa del Sol. The Stupa Hills project has been inspired by the Buddhist Stupa temple and has come up with luxuriously designed homes that exude tranquility and cleanliness – all with a focus on creating a zen experience in every single room.
The bright rooms with good light make it easy to feel one with nature, which the outdoor facilities also help to promote. Green growth surrounds the entire urbanization and creates soothing, peaceful energy around you.

Stupa Hills is what is called project housing. This means that not all homes have been built yet. When you are considering buying project housing in Málaga, there are several things to be aware of and pitfalls to avoid. Check out our Buyer’s guide to new construction if you would like to find out before booking a demonstration or a meeting with us.

What is a stupa?
The stupan in Benalmádena is a 33-meter high Buddhist temple and is the tallest stupa in Europe. It was completed in 2003 and today it is possible to go on guided tours, participate in communal meditation, or simply visit the cafe that has exquisite over most of the coast. In close proximity to the stupa is the butterfly park, which has more than 1,500 different butterfly species from around the world. The park is definitely worth a visit, regardless of age.

Per Moensted

15 Aug 2020

Per Moensted