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Hammam Al Ándalus – the Arab baths in the center of Málaga

Hammam Al Ándalus – the Arab baths in the center of Málaga
When you work hard, you also have to take some time off. At least Per and Jacob from Mojo Estates try to practice that, and sometimes it succeeds better than other times.

Fortunately, the two real estate agents know all the best places to relax on the Costa del Sol, and in this article we take a closer look at one of Per’s favorite places for relaxation and pampering – Hammam Al Ándalus, also known as ‘The Arab Baths of Málaga’.

Andalusian architecture in the center of Málaga
Every day, Mojo Estates deals with the purchasing and sales of homes on the Costa del Sol in many different styles, from modern new buildings to authentic country houses. However, Per has a special admiration for Hammam Al Ándalus due to the architectural design. It is built in original Arabic style with five thermal baths in the large halls. Málaga’s hammam was completed in 2013 and cost just over five million euros to build. In addition, there is a massage, treatment and chill out area – we will return to that;)

Many people who rent holiday homes in Málaga choose to make their way past the Arab baths. The only thing you have to bring with you are your swimwear, towels, hair dryer, etc. are found in the dressing room. In addition to Málaga, the same concept is also found in Granada, Córdoba and Madrid.

Book your entrance to Hammam Al Ándalus
Leave Málaga’s vibrant city life and shopping routine for a while and give yourself a pocket of peace in Hammam al Ándalus, located in the center of Málaga on Plaza de los Mártires 5. Do not be fooled by the small entrance – behind the wooden doors hides 1,300 m2 of the most authentic and luxurious Arab baths. Here you can park your worries at the door and indulge in a few hours of pure relaxation.

To ensure a comfortable atmosphere with plenty of space between guests, only a limited number of guests are allowed in at a time and at certain times. It is therefore a good idea to book the entrance in advance. It can be done online on the bath’s own website. There are other ‘Arab baths’ in Málaga that do not come close to Hammam Al Ándalus, so be sure to use this link.

In itself, the visit is a sumptuous sensory experience of scents, subdued oriental music and evocative lights. However, you can book extra experiences in the form of therapy treatments or massages, where you can choose between different aromas. If the senses need to be massaged further, you can take a steam bath and cool off with a glass of mint tea afterwards in the dedicated chill out area.

Romantic evening in Málaga
If you are looking for couples experiences in Málaga, the Arabic baths are the obvious option. Planning a visit to Málaga’s hammam is a sure recipe for a romantic evening. Lay out with a glass of cava at one of the countless trendy bars, enjoy a few hours in the pools in each other’s company and end with a dinner that will spice up the taste buds.

Should you have a taste for the atmosphere in Málaga, you are welcome to contact Mojo Estates and tell us a little about your wishes. Then we will show you, the best apartments in the center of Málaga.

What is a hammam?
A hammam or an Arabic bath was originally a public bathhouse. Today, Arab baths are typically located in larger cities and exude everyday luxury. The facilities almost always offer three or more pools of different temperatures from ice cold to scorching hot. In Hammam Al Ándalus there are five basins with different temperatures.

Per Moensted

05 Sep 2020

Per Moensted