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Home hunting on the Costa del Sol – from your home in England

Home hunting on the Costa del Sol – from your home in England
Now that we are entering the autumn, the search for housing begins in earnest. Many people who buy a home on the Costa del Sol make their initial phases from their home in England. Quite often, Mojo Estates’ customers also do the final phases from England, so we end up in an actual distance purchase – we will take that in another article 😉

Avoid a sour start to the Spanish housing dream
There are several housing apps that can be excellent to use to find out about the market. As a buyer, however, you will always get the most out of allying yourself with a broker who can be your eyes and ears (and sometimes very active arms and legs). As a potential buyer, you often experience that the homes that appear on housing pages or apps are no longer for sale when you contact them. Or the home can not be seen during the period you are down here, as the owners may use it themselves, etc. It is an unnecessarily sour way to start your home hunt on the Costa del Sol and something we completely control and work around at Mojo Estates.

Mojo is the buyer’s ambassador
If you have a look at a home in a particular area, some buyers will have the opportunity to get friends or acquaintances nearby to take a peek past and explore the area. While they certainly have your best interests in mind, they do not necessarily have the trained eye of a real estate agent, or they even appreciate something completely different from what you as a buyer will be happy with in the long run. Here, an experienced broker can help you get answers to your questions – even those you did not know you had.

“If you buy a new development that has not been completed, all material will be available in an online format, which we can of course easily send to the buyer. However, we will always go out to the plot or construction if it has started because we are the buyer’s ambassador. We have to go out and notice how high the landscape is, how far it is to the water, if you are able to walk your dog, the car has a garage space, if the pool is privately located, ”says Per Mønsted and emphasizes that buying a home with Mojo is much more than a trade and a handshake.

Jacob Johansen adds: “We generally experience enormous trust from our customers and confidence that we take care of their interests before our own. This is due to our good reputation, but I definitely think it has something to do with our Mojo 360° concept as well. Here we help with everything that also comes with a home sale such as pre-approval, financing, legal assistance, and once the home has been purchased, insurance, interior design, rental. It gives reassurance to the buyer to know that we can also step in and guide around all sorts of other housing-related issues because we can handle most things in-house ”.

At Mojo, you do not waste time
When you approach Mojo Estates, we want to avoid wasting your time on everything in the world. That is why we are well acquainted with your wishes and not just expectations and requirements. We have access to all homes on the market, but not all homes we would recommend you to see. Real estate agents maybe a little too good at declaring an area “fantastic”. At Mojo, we turn it around and ask if this area is great for that buyer. We want our customers to experience the home purchase as a success both at the initial conversation, on the home hunt, when they have the keys in hand, and long after that.

Take Mojo on a house hunt
The 360​° concept also involves renovation. Watch the video here, when Per and Jacob follow a home from craftsman offers to newly renovated and ready-to-move-in homes.
And if you want to follow Jacob when he’s out on the buyer’s errand and get acquainted with a new housing project, take a look at the video here, where it’s Higueron West 217 between Fuengirola and Málaga that is visited.

Should Mojo find your dream home on the Costa del Sol? Book a conference call or contact us on Messenger and tell us about your Spanish dream home and we’ll start the hunt!

Per Moensted

12 Sep 2020

Per Moensted