Escape Mijas for the weekend: Skydive in Seville
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Escape Costa del Sol for the weekend: Skydive in Seville!

“You have to be ready on Sunday morning. Pack some different clothes. ” This is more or less how the message sent to Jacob sounded, who was unaware of what Per had planned for the day when he got into the car. After a few clues from Per and his daughter Nicoline, Jacob finds out what’s ahead of him and the adrenaline rush that awaits him near the city of Seville.

60 seconds free fall
As always, when it comes to Mojo, you go all in. So of course Per has arranged skydiving in Seville, which is the place in Europe where you can jump from the absolute greatest height. Exactly 4.6 kilometers above the earth’s surface. It is not uncommon for Per and Jacob to have been slightly higher than the air layer, just look here when they were on a helicopter ride across the prestigious Zagaleta area.

But today, they do not get to sit comfortably on a seat – they have to get out and jump out in a free fall to the ground.
In the best Point Break manner, the two Mojos give it as Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze as they throw themselves out of the aviator. They get a full 3 km free fall in 60 seconds, where they can try to enjoy the view of the entire Seville area. After this first minute there are 32 sec left (1.6 km) before they hit the ground. However, most people choose to open their parachute and glide for 5 minutes until you land safely on the ground. In honor of the cameraman, Per and Jacob had written MO and JO on the palms, respectively. Of course they take their Mojo with them everywhere – even at 4.6 kilometers altitude;)

16 home sales in lockdown
When Per organised such a wild experience, it is because Jacob, against all the odds, had managed to continue selling during the period of lockdown and throughout the uncertainty of the virus. Summer is not usually a high season for real estate and furthermore, Spain closed its doors. March 5. It, therefore, became a struggle and a low season in buying and selling homes on the Costa del Sol, but not for Jacob.

Per Mønsted talks here about the partner’s performance: “Jacob is responsible for 16 of Mojo Estate’s home sales in the lockdown period that began in March. These trades were all made virtually blah. using the mobile phone. I do not think there are any brokers on the Costa Del Sol who can match. Jacob is exceptionally communicative and has an in-depth knowledge of the coast and the housing market, which makes it possible. Of course, we should celebrate that”.

It is safe to say that Jacob has filled up his energy depots after the free fall of 60 seconds through the upper air layer of Andalusia.
But the summer season is only just over, and now we are facing autumn, which is usually the peak season for the sale and purchase of homes on the Sun Coast. Doesn’t Jacob reach far into 2021 on the adrenaline rush from this skydive?

Get called by Jacob
Contact Jacob if you need help with buying a home on the Costa del Sol. Book a conference call with him right here.

Facts about Seville

Skydiving in Seville
Skydive Spain is considered by many to be the best drop zone in Spain. You get a full 4.6 kilometers up in the air and get a free fall for 60 seconds.

Per Moensted

03 Oct 2020

Per Moensted