Trocadero - Benalmadenas most exclusive restaurant
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Trocadero – Benalmádena’s most exclusive Restaurant!

We’ve previously highlighted how many entertainment offerings you’ll find in Benalmádena, which has long been one of the most popular areas on the Costa del Sol. In this article, we delve into the details of a very special area of Benalmádena – Restaurant Trocadero Benalmádena. Trocadero is a very special place, let’s start with the location. Benalmádena is a large area and Trocadero is below what is called Torrequebrada. Here we also find Torrequebrada golf course. The part of the beach on which Trocadero is located belongs to Benalmádena Costa. Take a look at what homes are for sale in Benalmádena Costa

Extremely elegant and well-attended

And now to the heart of the matter. Trocadero Benalmádena is an exclusive and exquisite beach bar/restaurant that opened its doors in the summer of 2019. It is an exquisite venue located in its own slightly undisturbed area on the beach. It is a classy place where décor is thought out in the smallest detail. The atmosphere is a combination of exclusivity and a relaxed beach bar. The giant wooden terrace gives visitors the feeling of long dates on the beach, which, however, turns into a completely different view when you take a look at the menu. We shall come back to that.

As I said, El Trocadero is located completely undisturbed on its own part of the beach. In fact, guests coming from the beachside have to take the stairs up to the wooden terrace. In other words, if you don’t want to be amongst the beautiful architecture and décor, they provide several small sections in the restaurant where you can sit both inside, upstairs or downstairs, as the place has several plateaus with different themes. From all tables, you can enjoy the famous menu with uninterrupted views of the Mediterranean Sea. In fact, the beautiful terrace gives a feeling of reaching out over the sea, creating an absolutely fantastic atmosphere. Explore the site yourself with this 360-degree tour of the Trocadero restaurant to see the place, menu, guests, and views..

The restaurant is well attended all year round and it is best to book a table in advance.

The menu – familiar and reimagined

Trocadero’s menu has a distinctive Mediterranean tone with international touches. You’ll find the well-known meat, fish, and rice dishes side by side with reinvented traditional dishes and regional finds with an Asian touch. Check out Trocadero Benalmádena’s Instagram profile for an updated look at the dishes’ presentation, which can be quite spectacular.

If we move in the cocktail department, this is where the elegance really comes out. According to the restaurant itself, the cocktail menu is composed in order to surprise and pamper the guests. The cocktail card itself doesn’t make any of itself, so hop onto Trocadero’s web to see a selection of the drinks they themselves call “a sumptuous blend that stimulates the senses”.

Trocadero Group

The Trocadero Benalmádena restaurant is operated by TrocaderoGroup. In fact, they have over 500 employees spread across several restaurants on the Costa del Sol. However, Trocadero Group itself does not hesitate to call the restaurant the most exquisite of its six restaurants, several of which are located in Marbella. For all restaurants, they have a view and coastal location with a menu based primarily on Mediterranean products. Due to the location of the restaurants and thanks to the wonderful climate we enjoy here on the Sunshine Coast, all restaurants have sunbed service.

Per Moensted

17 Oct 2020

Per Moensted