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What’s is your mojo?

Are you in control of your mojo? Find out what a good mojo is in this article
What is mojo? In addition to being a combination of the surnames of Per Monsted and Jacob Johansen, it is a mood and a gut feeling that must be right. Read here where Per and Jacob make their announcement about what mojo means to them and how they implement mojo when they are in contact with people who want to buy a home on the Costa del Sol. And who knows, maybe you’ll also get a little closer to your own mojo in this article.

Mojo and Mojo Estates
Traditionally, mojo is something that stands for luck or something that can be a lucky charm. At Mojo Estates, we believe that you create your own happiness – and that you create your own mojo.

Mojo twinkle in the eye, positive energy, and charisma. When you have good mojo, you make sure to rub it off on your fellow human beings. This is precisely how the team behind Mojo Estates works, which in addition to Per and Jacob consists of a number of professionals who are competent in each field. This is how they can offer Mojo Estates 360° service, where you can get help with everything from renting out your Spanish property, legal counseling, preparation, and more.

Mojo is lifting each other up
Just the Costa del Sol attracts extremely many entrepreneurs. If you’re looking for it, you’ll find a layer of competent and entrepreneurial people who take initiatives and put things into action. It’s people helping each other up because they know that’s how you move forward. It’s a good style and good mojo.

Mojo’s influence
When you have a good mojo, you pass it on. People who are welcomed inside that universe, that is Mojo Estates, get refueled with the good energy in the account.
Good mojo is channeled here. It’s a place where you’re focused on passing on your mojo to other people. You can share out your mojo, but you can’t lose it by giving it away.

Mojo is the good things in life
Mojo is not the property you buy, it is the lifestyle you buy into when you move to the Costa del Sol. It’s not about having the most expensive or largest home, but it’s an expression that everyone has access to the same thing. It’s typically beach bars and expensive luxury cars that appear on the retina, but the Costa del sol is much more than that. Here you can be as active as you like, whether it’s surfing, jogging along the beach, hiking in the mountains. Nature is freely accessible and part of the charm of the Costa del sol – its mojo if you suppose.

Mojo is about people
Jacob Johansen is not a second in doubt about what a good mojo is: “For me, mojo is to feel so good that it rubs off on others. We help people find their dream home on the Costa del sol every day, and it’s a really cool feeling. I make no secret of that, and the people i’m in contact with are probably well aware. If they move on from meeting with me and are in a better mood than when we met, then I have had success with my mojo. “
Per Mønsted adds this to the concept: “Mojo is good vibes and good atmosphere, but specifically in the situation where it is about buying a home on the Costa del Sol, Mojo for me is an effective buying process where things are moving smoothly.

We have a goal of being the coast’s most modern real estate agent, it’s good mojo too. The buyers we are dealing with live busy lives and demand a smooth experience where the real estate agent and the team take care of all the practicalities. It is a good service and respect for the buyer’s time. It must be so that people who turn to us are refueled and have a good lifestyle. “

After all, it fits what the two mojos say: It’s all about your mojo.

Per Moensted

27 Oct 2020

Per Moensted