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Mojo Estates – A new concept to buying property on the Costa del Sol

A lot has happened since Mojo Estates, through its founders Per Mønsted and Jacob Johansen, entered the property market just over two years ago with a vision of tremendously improving what they could see was lacking in the Spanish property market. Now Mojo Estates is ready with two new, attractive initiatives:

Pre-approval of mortgages

“Finally, we have been able to come through and make the Spanish banks understand that it is necessary to give a pre-approval for mortgages, so that you do not have to ask the bank for permission to lend for a specific house, which is time consuming and causes many transactions to fall through. It is a waste of time for the customer, us and the bank – which is why we have worked so hard to get pre-approvals, and we now have an established department for mortgage brokerage in-house,” Per Mønsted says proudly, a result that makes the purchase process significantly easier and much safer for the customers.

No legal fees for the purchase of property

”One of the things we particularly wanted to touch upon when we entered the market was the legal fees, which in Spain are 1% for the purchase and selling of properties. This means that if you buy a house for 1 million, you pay 10,000 euros in legal fees. Basically, the process doesn’t require a lot more work – even if you buy an expensive home – which is why it’s hard to justify these high amounts. Therefore, legal services are free when you buy a house from us. And if you sell property through us, there is a fixed price of 2000 euros,” Jacob Johansen says, adding that this is possible because Mojo Estates now also has its own legal department in-house with two lawyers and a legal staff team.
Of course, this growing department has also been given more space, which is why the office in Centro Idea has now been expanded with additional premises. Drop by if you are thinking about buying or selling property.

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Per Moensted

09 Mar 2020

Per Moensted