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Mojo Estates in the Sun for millions on Kanal 5

Per Mønsted and Jacob Johansen cause a stir by having established a property company that is here to stay for the long run and shakes up some – from time to time – rigid practices. In fact, they are so remarkable at Mojo Estates that a Danish production company has their eye on them.

Different exposure paid off

In “Sol for millioner” (Sun for millions) on Kanal 5, Per and Jacob show the best of what the Costa del Sol has to offer.
“Mojo differs in that we are very proactive for our home sellers. Therefore, we are also very visible in Denmark through our campaigns on Facebook and on various property platforms. In fact, we are the Danish broker on the Coast who spends the most money on marketing on social media and 3D presentations. We also have an advertising spot at the airport, where we have an actual booth.

It is without a doubt our visibility that has captured the interest of TV stations,” Per Mønsted says, who of course sees the value in having exposure during prime time on a nationwide channel: “We saw it as an opportunity to convey our concept to the Danish viewers who want professional advice when buying a holiday home on the Sunshine Coast, but to a greater extent we appeal to the existing homeowners who want to sell and/or rent out their homes through Mojo Rentals.

Mojo represents a new way to market both ourselves and our homes. Along the lines of how you know it works in Denmark – and we hope that is reflected in the program.”
As a long-term resident of the Costa del Sol, both Per and Jacob feel some responsibility towards the Coast and want it to appear in as positive a light as possible. Therefore, they both saw a great opportunity to, through the programme, communicate why they are so happy to live here.

What is the program about?

In “Sol for millioner” (Sun for millions), you will get a view into Per Mønsted and Jacob Johansen’s days on the job and private lives. They’ve had a camera crew follow them for eight weeks, where the focus of the more fascinating and exclusive environment on the Coast is portrayed. But there has also been time to visit the authentic parts of Spain with nature and culture in focus. The series consists of a total of eight episodes, where in each a unique home primarily for Danish customers will be shown.

Challenges during filming

However, it has required both Per and Jacob to be ‘on’ during the many recordings: “The biggest challenge of starring has been the premise that viewers need to get to know us a little better. We’ve had a camera crew very up-close – and it’s been a bit intimidating at times. We have had no influence on cuts or how we might have wanted to appear on-screen, so we are very excited to see how both we and the Sunshine Coast are being portrayed. There is no doubt that the programme is produced as a means to entertain the viewer, but of course we also hope that it will contain some professionalism and seriousness,” Per and Jacob conclude, who themselves are very much looking forward to watching the finished programme for the first time. See episodes here

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Per Moensted

09 Mar 2020

Per Moensted