Renovating a Villa on the Costa del Sol
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Renovating a 500k Villa on the Costa del Sol

Can a renovation-ready home become your dream home?

When you are looking for a home with the perfect location and the most optimal setting, it is not certain that the kitchen or bathroom will suit your taste. Or maybe the room distribution is not optimal. Is it worth buying a home that needs to be renovated before you can move in? Read this article and learn more about whether a house for renovation is for you and get tips on how to create value in a home that needs to be renovated.

Get it just the way you want it with a home renovation

If you have the funds for it, a renovation home can be a good way to get a home that is completely optimized for your needs. Renovation of a home is, like so much else, a process that takes time. It is necessary to realize how much work needs to be put in and how much it will cost. And then it makes sense to find out what financing options you have before you fall in love with a home ready for renovation.

Insulate your house without losing interior square footage

A lot can be achieved by insulating. If you buy a house that has a few decades behind it, the facade will probably have to be refurbished anyway. It can be an advantage to insulate the exterior wall when you are already working on it. The insulation is laid like a shell on the outside of the wall and thus does not take up space from the interior area of ​​the rooms. There are various techniques for insulating the exterior wall of a house. They all have in common that they are largely free of cold bridges and breakthroughs, as they are laid in one unbroken layer on the facade.

A home with underfloor heating makes good sense

It does not have to cost a fortune to lay new tiles. When you are up and running, you can consider installing underfloor heating as well. Often modern floor elements are laid with waterborne heat. Then the floor is heated from below (and thus does not have to keep up with high temperatures), which actually feels warmer than a room that is heated from above, for example with air conditioning.

It may sound crazy to some people to put underfloor heating in a house on the Costa del Sol, but even though we have Europe’s best climate, the tiles can get quite cold inside during the winter. Underfloor heating and insulation in houses on the Costa del Sol are almost non-existent. Nevertheless, these two things contribute to the enormous quality of life when one also intends to spend the winter months at their residence on the Costa del Sol. Children in particular often spend a lot of time on the floor, so even though you may not want to put underfloor heating in all rooms, you can consider focusing In the living rooms and bathrooms.

Renovation of Spanish Kitchens

Older homes in a perfect location often have a kitchen that lies completely to itself at one end of the house. Often, the kitchen also has elements that need an update. There is a lot to be gained by not only renovating the kitchen but often it will give a huge advantage to knock the wall down out to the kitchen to achieve the open room division that is popular with most families.

If the kitchen’s room division is fine, a light kitchen renovation can be an easy and cheap solution, which involves replacing the kitchen’s elements, tabletop, etc., giving a huge boost that can make the room usable for several more years – or until you intend to start with a more thorough kitchen renovation.

A renovation home does not necessarily mean “do-it-yourself”

At Mojo Estates, we have a whole team of experts who specialize in just the right homes for renovation. That is, we offer a 100% don’t do it yourself solution with Mojo 360°. Our experts will be able to tell you what the renovation will cost and how long it will take. During the process, we will prepare project drawings that you must approve and, if necessary, obtain the right permits. Many of our customers buy a home ready for renovation and handle the process from their home country with us as brokers. Although there are many decisions to be made, it does not have to be a complicated process where one ends up spending more time on the construction site than the builder himself.

Contact Mojo Estates to receive the most attractive homes for renovation that are on the market right now.

Per Moensted

03 Nov 2020

Per Moensted