Home renovation on the Costa del Sol
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Home renovation on the Costa del Sol – get the right help

Homes for 500,000 euros on the Sun Coast in top location – a rare find!
As the market looks right now, there are a number of houses for sale on the Costa del Sol for 500,000 – 750,000 euros. However, it is extremely rare to find a villa that meets the requirements that make such an investment absolutely perfect. These are three primary requirements that you need to look for:

One should not sleep for an hour when a dwelling with the above properties appears. It’s about being quick on the trigger. These houses have a good basic condition and can be relatively easily spruced up, so that love and luxury are created on your terms. There is a benefit from housing improvements, as the value of the house is likely to increase, which is also the goal of spending money on a renovation project.

However, Mojo Estates has made several of these villa finds, which is a direct result of us always being active in the housing market on the Costa del Sol. We can be because we always have a list of active buyers who are ready to strike when the dream home shows up. If you want to get on the list, so it’s you we contact, next time we have a renovation-friendly home in a prime location on your hands, you can book a conference call with Per or Jacob.

Home renovation on the Costa del Sol – get the right help

Home purchases in Spain function as purchased as “seen”- that is, there is no safety net we know from Denmark, which consists of a condition report. Therefore, it is essential to get a construction expert to look at the project when you are about to embark on the purchase of housing for renovation on the Costa del Sol. In addition, there is a language barrier. However, communication does not have to be a hindrance, as there are plenty of skilled English-speaking craftsmen on the Costa del Sol. However, if you do not want to be involved in anything other than the decision-making process, choose a solution where you do not even have to set foot on the construction site. At Mojo Estates, we have our 360° solution with full housing service both during the purchase of the home, renovation of the home and subsequent maintenance of your home. Then a renovation project could not be much easier.

Renovation makes sense on the bottom line and for your well-being

The point of buying a home that needs a loving hand is not just to patch up the things that are lagging behind. It is to a large extent also that you as the owner get the opportunity to get it just the way you want it. A house on the Costa del Sol for 500,000 euros will typically have a lot of cool features that are easy to fall in love with. It will also have some things that need a boost. It’s your chance to keep the best, get rid of the worst and get a home that plays just the way you want it to – whether that means energy-efficient renovation of your home or luxury pool in the garden is up to you.

Although there are many things to consider when renovating a home, it is extremely exciting to go out and look at a smooth home and imagine the infinity pool, guest house, open plan kitchen and sun deck – and get it started and brought to life shortly thereafter. It is one of the processes that Per and Jacob themselves find most satisfying.

To sum up, you have to be more than lucky to find housing around half a million euros, where time and dedication as well as contact with the right professionals can make a reasonably good house a wonderful home. When Per and Jacob took part in this renovation of a 500k villa in the Riviera del Sol, they simply stared at the architect’s choice of roof, which had a strong impact on the value of the home. Watch the video yourself and be surprised!

Per Moensted

11 Nov 2020

Per Moensted