How to find homes at a fair price
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How to find homes with a perfect location at a fair price?

NEW RECORD: How quick can you sell a villa on the Costa del Sol for 500k

The answer is 3 hours. The last villa of this kind, which Mojo Estates had on offer, was shown virtually in the morning and sold after lunch. If you are also looking for a home for around 500,000 euros in a perfect location, then you need to be ready to purchase. The most popular Costa del Sol homes are purchased over the phone.

It is not difficult to find homes for sale on the Costa del Sol for around 500,000 euros but to find them in the perfect location, with amazing views and ready to renovate to become a welcoming home – yes, it does not happen that often. However, Mojo Estates has almost specialized in these extreme housing finds.

These property gems are so sought after that Jacob has managed to sell them over the phone every single time. “It is not really that rare that we do a virtual home showing and that the home is sold over the phone because we have a fairly serious buyer base who know what they are looking for. The new thing is that these homes that are ready for renovation are now being sold before we have physically met the buyer, ”says Jacob, which most recently iis responsible for closing 10 sales over the phone.

Three, two, one – SOLD! Fastest home purchase on the Costa del Sol
The customer who bought the last home (over the phone) later wrote a comment on the FB post for a video presentation of their home: Crazy process, fantastic agents and a talented architect, We can’t wait!. Yes, there are a number of buyers ready to enter the real estate market on the Costa del Sol right now. Jacob, Per, Tristan and the rest of the Mojo team also notice the interest in those very special homes around half a million with panoramic views and good location.

Mojo + Mojo architect = your best housing deal on the Costa del Sol

“Sometimes you see something, you can not just assess whether it is the right thing – this is where we come into the picture, with Jacob and Per’s wild ideas for what you can get out of a home and our architect who can tell you what it will cost, you have the perfect recipe for a quick and successful purchase. The last few homes have been sold over the phone, and it has been the case that we have called the customer and said ‘we know what you want and now it is here!’. We can do this because we spend time getting to know the customer’s needs. That is why we also want to be taken seriously when we finally call with such a good housing deal – we will always be like that now, Jacob smiles.

“We work with most brokers who are active down here, so we are the first to know when something new comes on the market. Everyone wants to sell their homes and the other realtors know we have the customers. We get everything sent to us and we have to be skeptical about what we take in. It must be housing that we can see ourselves living in. This does not necessarily mean that it must be mansions – at Mojo Estates we also have apartments for sale under 125,000 euros – it must be housing that makes sense because they offer something special or need to have a good location. We will only promote homes that we ourselves think are fantastic offers or could even decide to buy ourselves, ”says Jacob Johansen.

Book a (virtual) home screening with Per and Jacob

In the video above, Per and Jacob are visiting another couple of residential gems. We are here visiting Benalmádena, more specifically the area of ​​La Capellania. Due to its short distance to the airport and endless entertainment offerings, Benalmádena is one of the most popular areas on the Costa del Sol – not least for families with children. If you also want a dream home on the Costa del Sol, book a conference call with Per or Jacob so you can have a chat about what you are looking for, in what area, and for what budget.

Per Moensted

14 Nov 2020

Per Moensted