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Mojo Capitals: Property investment on Costa del Sol

Mojo Capitals is for you who want to invest in properties with a lot of potential on Costa del Sol with the right local partner by your side who can handle the purchase, renovation, possible rental services and finally, the sale of the property with an excellent return.

This is a great time to invest in the property market on Costa del Sol! The prices on the Spanish housing market are low compared to many other European countries and the demand is increasing, which provides the foundation of an advantageous investment opportunity.

In addition, a new law was implemented in 2022, which makes it much faster to build or refurbish a home. However, there are many more exciting reasons for why you should invest in a property on Costa del Sol.

We are talking about a six-year investment plan with a up to 60 % tax-free profit and a goal of no less than an annual return of 10 %.

Does that pique your interest? Watch the video about Mojo Capitals and get all the details below.

What is Mojo Capitals?

Mojo Capitals is the latest addition to the House of Mojo. It is an innovative version of the traditional capital fund and the first Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) on the market. Mojo Capitals was established by Per Mønsted, Jacob Johansen and Joachim Voola Schiødtz.

Now we are getting to the more complicated part of the concept, so hang in there!

Mojo Capitals I A/S owns Mojo Capitals I S.L. as a Spanish subsidiary. This company is registered as a property development company with special tax advantages.

Spanish property transfer tax, ITP (Impuesto de Transmisiones Patrimoniales), is usually 8-10 % depending on the purchase price (only 7 % in 2022 due to Covid-19), but with the structure of our private equity fund, the property transfer tax is reduced to ONLY 2 %.

With Mojo Capitals, you can invest in properties on the Costa del Sol and pay a much lower tax!

In addition, you can still get deductions for renovations and the option to pay only 10 % VAT instead of the usual 21 % on these renovations. The only requirement is that the property must be resold within five years.

For this reason, Mojo Capitals is a so-called closed-end fund, which will be liquidated after a maximum of six years. Thereby, we give ourselves up to a year to find the right properties to invest in and subsequently five years to develop these, so you as an investor can get the most out of your money.

Watch Per Mønsted explain the vision, mission and process of Mojo Capitals here.

How can you become an investor in Mojo Capitals?

This is Mojo’s first fund, and for that reason, we want an exclusive and limited group of around 25 investors, who may invest a maximum of about 533.333 euros each (four million Danish kroner). The minimum investment required to become a co-owner of the real estate development fund Mojo Capital I A/S is 100.000 euros (E.U.’s minimum requirement).

The management will supervise everything in this fund down to the smallest detail, and the level of information to the investor group will be extremely high. In 2023, Mojo Capitals II will be opened for more investors and the following year, Mojo Capitals III, etc.

As always, you can expect a personal and transparent service at Mojo, where we use our many platforms to include and update you on the process ongoingly. As an investor in Mojo Capitals, you will receive Vlogs, photos, and documents, aiming to create the highest possible level of transparency around the development process. This way, you will be part of the journey from the moment the first wall is torn down until we have a buyer signing the contract.

As an investor in Mojo Capitals, you can lean back and follow the development without lifting a finger while we take the wheel and run the entire process for you. Our other concept, Mojo Invest, is dedicated to different types of investors who want to be more involved in the process.

What can you expect as an investor?

Mojo Capitals is aiming at achieving an annual return of 10 %, which is significantly higher than the return you could otherwise have achieved by investing in ordinary quoted shares.

The form of investment that we use is called private equity ownership, and our investment strategy is based on innovation and sustainable solutions, but most importantly, good business acumen.

See examples of properties acquired and renovated by Mojo when Jacob Johansen and Per Mønsted are out with the Danish podcaster Lars Horsbøl, who has Ejendomsdomsinvestoren.

Our investment strategy is to strike when we find a good business opportunity with sensible potential and low risk. It could be an older property with a great location on Costa del Sol, which needs a lot of renovation (preferably a place that allows us to optimise the number of rooms in the property).

We have several years of experience via Mojo Estates, the biggest real estate company on the market, and local knowledge of the area as well as an established network, which means that we always have a finger on the pulse when it comes to the housing market on the Costa del Sol.

The investments that Mojo Capitals will make will be based on proven strategies and experience from recent years on real estate transactions for our own funds on the stretch between Málaga and Marbella, as well as a myriad of housing transactions for private individuals and investors since 2016.

Contact us for more information about Mojo Capitals.

Per Moensted

02 Jun 2022

Per Moensted