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Why is it a good idea to buy a new development as a resale on the Costa del Sol?

It is always a big decision when you choose to buy a property – especially when it is in another country. There are many decisions to make: Which area to buy in? What kind of property to get? Should you make a rental business out of it? Where do you get the most value for the money?

Mojo Estates are here to help you find out how your needs and desires can come together so that you can find the right home for you.

We have sent a team of our best people out to explore the market in an area that is indeed Mojo Approved.

Check out new developments for resale in the exclusive area of El Higuerón on the border between Fuengirola and Benalmádena, when Per, Anneli, Tristan, Elizabeth, and Andreas are visiting several newly built properties which could potentially be your future home – or a good holiday rental property.

Watch the attached video and read further about each property later in this article.

El Higuerón

A 10 minutes drive from Fuengirola centre, 15 minutes from Benalmádena, and 15 minutes from Mijas Pueblo, you will find the well-maintained neighbourhood of El Higuerón, which is located in the valley La Morera. This housing area has a fantastic location both close to facilities, the beaches in Carvajal and Torreblanca, and the beautiful mountains in Mijas.

In El Higuerón you will find big modern villas, charming townhouses and beautiful apartments with the most amazing views. When you go around the area, you will also quickly discover some impressive new developments that scream luxury and exclusivity.

In the video, you can get a foot inside some of these spectacular properties in El Higuerón.

Contact us if you have any further questions or if you would like to get a tour of one of the properties.

What is El Higuerón known for?

Many tourists and property-interested people may know El Higuerón because of the wonderful restaurant El Higuerón with the amazing view over Mediterranean sea, the award-winning resort Higuerón West 217, and the Higuerón Hotel – Curio Collection by Hilton.

At the Higuerón Hotel, you find the Michelin-starred Sollo restaurant, the stunning infinity pool on the rooftop terrace, the incredible Higuerón Spa with waterfalls, sauna, Turkish bath, indoor heated pool and much more.

If you want a luxury hotel-like feeling but prefer to stay in your own home when you go to the Costa del Sol, check out the possibilities of resort-style living when Jonas and Andreas are giving a tour around three new developments, one being Las Lomas del Higuerón.

The advantages and disadvantages of buying a new development on the Costa del Sol

Are you in doubt about whether you should buy a new development or a resale home on the Costa del Sol?

Advantages of purchasing a new development

The advantage of a new development is of course that everything is new! More modern, new technology, improved isolation and safety, and overall smarter solutions.

You do not have to do any work on the property, all materials will be new, the maintenance level will be very low, and there will be no unpleasant surprises or bills of urgent repairs.

Disadvantages of purchasing a new development

On the downside, you might not know precisely when you can get your property if your invest in a new development, and it is not unusual that it takes three years to get all the work done.

In addition, you do not always know exactly how the new development project will turn out. There can be changes due to unknown factors which may require the investors, builders or designers to take some other decisions during the building process.

There is a bigger uncertainty related to investing in a new development project that you will not find with a house that is already built, where you can see everything and touch each and every stone.

The advantages and disadvantages of a resale on the Costa del Sol
If you buy a resale property on the Costa del Sol, you can usually take over the villa, apartment or townhouse after a few months of sorting out all legal and financial matters. It is also generally cheaper to buy a resale home.

However, the property will not be newly constructed as with a new development project. This may entail that you will have to make some improvements around the property or maybe even a more extensive refurbishment. The older the property, the more repairs usually.

Recommendation: Resale of a new development

The good news is that you can have it all! The solution is:


No compromise is needed! You can purchase a newly built property where no one has lived or only lived for a very short time for less than the initial price and with everything it includes. As Andreas explains in the video, you do not have to wait two or three years to move in as with a new development project, AND you even save money on taxes by purchasing a resale!

Instead of paying 10 % in transfer tax, as you do when you buy a new development, you only pay 7 % when it is a resale of a new development property!

Let us have a look at some of the options for resale of a new development in El Higuerón in the priceclass of 499.000 euro up to 1.998.000 euro.

Penthouse for sale for less than two million euro in Benalmádena

What do you think of a penthouse for less than two million euros in Benalmadéna?

Today’s dream team will show you a stunning one which is part of the luxury Hill Collection. It is the biggest penthouse in the complex, with four bedrooms and a 360-degree view of the ocean and the mountains.

There is an outdoor shower and a jacuzzi on the terrace to fully enjoy the outdoor living space. And if you feel like splashing around in a bigger area, there is always one of the three community pools in the safe and gated community area.

The price for this penthouse in Benalmádena is 1.998.000 euro.

Semi-detached villa in La Reserva del Higuerón

If you are interested in a villa instead, check out this fantastic semi-detached villa for sale in La Reserva del Higuerón for 1.875.000 euro which is also part of the Hill Collection.

You will get the best sea view of La Reserva del Higuerón and a property of no less than 339 square metres with five bedrooms, four bathrooms and only high-quality materials.

Get a full tour of the villa with Jonas from Mojo Estates.

Duplex penthouse in Stupa Hills in Benalmádena

Another new development which is now available for resale is this amazing duplex penthouse in Stupa Hills that is going into its fourth phase in 2023. We love great views and locations at Mojo – this penthouse is no exception! The view is extraordinary.

This duplex penthouse has two big terraces, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms. One of the advantages of buying a property in a new development is that the technology is more modern. This property has integrated a home automation system you can manage easily through your smartphone.

The Stupa Hills residential complex has been designed by the architect J. Daniel Rodríguez, whose personal goal is to achieve a unique design based on nature and energy in an extraordinary environment.

The price of this duplex penthouse in Stupa Hills in Benalmádena is 950.000 euro.

Have a closer look at the property when Anneli and Elizabeth are exploring new development for less than one million euro on Costa del Sol.

If 950.000 euro are far beyond your budget, you can get a share of another similar duplex penthouse for ONLY 149.000 euros as part of our Mojo Sharing concept!

Two-bedroom apartment in phase 1 in Stupa Hills

If you have not been able to tell yet, we will admit that we are crazy about the Stupa Hills development! Thus, we have more than one property for sale, so you do not have to miss out on a great opportunity.

If your maximum budget is 500.000 euro, you can move straight into this brand-new apartment in phase one in Stupa Hills, which has two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Here you also get the beautiful views of the Stupa in Benalmádena, the Mediterrean sea and the green areas, and the fantastic location less than two kilometres from Benalmádena Pueblo. The price for this brand-new development in Stupa Hills is just 499.000 euro. This includes a double parking space in the garage and a storage room.

Buy a new development and earn money with holiday rentals!

With more than 20 million tourists visiting the Costa del Sol every year, there is a huge potential for making money by renting out your property.

All the above-mentioned properties would be ideal for renting out full-time or part-time, depending on how often you plan to stay in the property.

Would you like to rent out your holiday home on the Costa del Sol as an advantageous investment, but you do not want to have all the hassle that comes with it?

Mojo Rentals can take care of everything for you – both the legal and practical aspects.

We hope that this blog has given you a better understanding of the possibilities, advantages and disadvantages there are related to buying a new development property as a resale on the Costa del Sol.

Per Moensted

23 Jul 2022

Per Moensted