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Mojo means having a magic charm, it means you’re popular, influential, and successful.

I had the pleasure of meeting Per Møensted and Jacob Johansen who are the Mr Mo and Mr Jo who make up Mojo Estates. It isn’t a coincidence that the dynamic Danish duo’s contracted surnames, which put the mojo into the House of Mojo, also mean personal magnetism, sex appeal, and supernatural skill. Together they are an explosive combination, and with their positive and personable attitudes, it is no wonder they are creating a significant impact on the Costa del Sol real estate market.

Southern Spain is the perfect place for investors as it has the Mediterranean climate, a luxury lifestyle, and tranquil beaches, but if you partner that formula with Mojo Estates and add the insider knowledge on the tax secrets they can offer, then you have the magic charm for success.

The team has an honest and direct approach to finance as investment and profit are words that are synonymous with the House of Mojo. The Costa area makes good economic sense due to the high returns, and Mojo Estates is the perfect facilitator because of its wealth of experience.

Not only are Per and Jacob inspirational in the way that they conduct their business, making you feel part of the Mojo family with a welcoming atmosphere, but Jacob has also been christened “the hottest broker on the coast” and it’s not hard to see why! Putting the sunshine in the Costa del Sol, Per and Jacob have fostered the ideal business environment by putting clients first, and that applies whether your budget is a few hundred thousand or a few million. Everyone is offered the same level of outstanding service.

How do Mojo Estates stand out from the crowd?

Well, as the weather heats up, so do the dreamy properties in the Mojo portfolio. Procuring breath-taking real estate mixed with next-level client care sets Mojo Estates apart. For Per and Jacob, Mojo is a way of life, not just a name.

A bit of personal background on the boys will help potential property investors understand how Per and Jacob have reached the level of success that makes Mojo one of the most sought-after real estate agencies on the Costa del Sol. Per has had to work hard for his money, he decided to leave home at the age of 7 to live with his grandparents and then he became independent at 16, giving him the determination that I can see sitting here with the gents today. As one of the youngest students in Denmark, Per completed an Executive MBA in business education, which allowed him to catapult several of his businesses to multi-million-pound stratospheric heights.

Jacob has been a resident here for 16 years now, and Per for half of that time. They are firm family men, both of them have been married for 20-plus years and have three children each. It is not just their time in the property industry that has intertwined the lives of Per and Jacob, their families mix too, and their daughters have been best friends from an early age.

It is Per and Jacob’s dedication to family that puts them in a prime position to assist in constructing your dream Mediterranean lifestyle, as they understand the importance of financial security. When it comes to investments Mojo’s reassurance is that optimum care is provided for their clients.

Mojo Estates Services

Mojo’s five-pronged charge into the investment market includes Mojo Estates, Mojo Rentals, Mojo Invest, Mojo Capitals, and Mojo Sharing. Ensuring that all of their clients’ needs are looked after, the team at Mojo will provide in-house legal services, property management, accounting services, mortgage brokerage, and even interior design.

Mojo 360° offers the whole package under one roof, as the name implies it’s a one-stop agency, simplifying the stresses and challenges posed by the property investment scene. Whether you are creating a property portfolio or looking to buy a family home, Mojo will take care of everything related to the sale. Trust is important to the team, so they will only show you financially viable options and follow your specified remit. There will be no underhand tactics, giving you confidence that you are in the best hands as they treat you like extended family, all while keeping the champagne flowing.

A cocktail of: Business + Pleasure = Mojo
As experienced businessmen who are keen to share their wisdom in the property investment industry, Per and Jacob are also eager to impress the importance of life is for living, therefore combining the two. Jacob has a natural media vibe surrounding him as his career began in music (I’ll just whisper the name Beyonce!), which makes their Instagram account a visual feast full of up-to-date content, so you will never get bored of scrolling. They have a refreshing approach to social media, making sure you engage with something different to the usual property accounts out there. On Instagram and YouTube they will upload fun and informative videos and show off their photogenic portfolio in a way that keeps you following to see more property porn.

Mojo Capitals

The concept of Mojo Capitals is that anyone can invest in property; over in America the Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) is a huge market, and thanks to Mojo’s innovative version of it, it has now arrived in Spain. The team will handle the purchase, renovations, possible rental, and sale of the property, which will return a handsome financial reward. Now is an advantageous time to invest in the Spanish housing market as the prices are lower compared to some European countries. Plus, as a bonus, a new law implemented in 2022 makes building and renovation faster. The minimum investment to become a co-owner of the real estate development fund is €100,000. As a unique addition to the House of Mojo, you can expect the same personal and transparent service from Mojo Capitals as offered by other the multiple branches of the magic Mojo tree.

Making money with Mojo

Property investment with the team at Mojo is the secret to making money, as they are with you every step of the way, catering to different demands on varying budgets. Now… where did I put my piggybank…

The future of Marbella Real Estate…

Mojo is forever evolving and improving, although, with the services, they already provide it is hard to improve on perfection. The team is always reaching and succeeding to offer everyone a hassle-free bite of the Costa cherry. Watch this space as Per, Jacob and the rest of the Mojo group continue to explore and climb new horizons in Marbella.

Per Moensted

06 Aug 2022

Per Moensted