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Mojo Capitals: Property investment on Costa del Sol

Anyone can invest in property with Mojo Capitals, and thanks to their innovative concept you can reap the financial rewards of the Spanish housing market too.

Per Møensted and Jacob Johansen have added another branch to their magic money tree. Mojo Capitals has joined the House of Mojo and as the first Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) on the Costa del Sol, it is a sure-fire way to yield a profitable return on your finances. There is an impressive, extra benefit to this venture too, and that is a lower tax – a minimum of 60% tax-free!

How is this possible?

Along with Per and Jacob, the Danish Head of Capitals, Joachim Schiødtz, has a strategy that will achieve an optimum return on your investment. Over six years they ensure that clients receive at least 10% of their money back per annum; that’s higher than the average percentage on the market. The minimum outlay amount is €100,000, this will be used to buy the most lucrative properties, subsequently, the gents will sell them at an opportune moment within 5 years.

Per explains, “Investors will become a shareholder in a company that invests in property, that property will only be active for a maximum of six years, we buy the property outright, with no loans, no mortgages, and they then sell them within five years. The fastest and best way to produce a fruitful profit, with no risks, is to liquidate the company and investors will receive their shares – taxfree! Then repeat with a new company”.

The difference with this real estate trust compared to other companies is that they have the House of Mojo support. “To make money in the property market is time-consuming,” says Per, “not to mention uncertain”. Luckily, the team are experienced in buying, selling and managing properties. They control almost everything themselves with inhouse lawyers and real estate agents. “It is also about knowing where to look and whom to speak to”, concludes Per.

As a bonus, a new law implemented this year, makes building and renovation faster! This unique and advantageous Real Estate Investment Trust is the gift that keeps on giving!

A transparent and trustworthy endeavour

Mojo Capitals is identical to any other aspect of Mojo Estates, insofar as the gents understand the importance of trust, so they aim to be transparent with their clients in every way. There is a certain professionalism in how the team conduct themselves, which makes them an appealing choice to do business with. As Per says, “People believe in us”, it is this honest attitude which fosters an environment of openness. Disclosure includes keeping investors up to date on what is happening in the company, usually in the form of videos, reports, and onsite meetings, welcoming clients in to see what is being accomplished with their money. “Being visual and interactive is a good way to communicate”, adds Per.

The gentlemen agree that investing in a commodity, no matter the size, has a level of risk, and putting your trust in someone else only adds to that feeling of doubt. That is why it is their paramount priority to keep the client in the loop, every step of the way. Take action! Don’t miss the next investment opportunity and contact the Mojo team immediately to set a meeting.

Joachim Voola Schiødtz, CEO of Mojo Capitals

Joachim is based in Denmark and his credentials include similar real estate projects across Denmark, Germany and Spain, which enables him to assist our investors when they call upon him for whatever they may need. Joachim’s experience extends to investing in Danish, English and Middle Eastern start-ups, as well as establishing and operating several companies in the technology and recruitment sector.

Per Moensted

03 Sep 2022

Per Moensted