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Furniture & Pool Package

Fully furnished and the pool is ready

so you can feel at home from day one 1

Your first day in a new house is something very special. With our furniture & pool package, the first day is even easier to enjoy. You can already get comfy on your couch, relax on a deck chair or jump in the pool.

We can make sure that your house is fully furnished and that the pool is clean and full. You can make a deal with the designer about the content and style of the furniture packages, so that you feel at home and adapt in your new environment.

Welcome to an effortless life in the sun.
Mojo 360º is much more than that
When you buy a house through Mojo Estates, not only does a range of services open up, but a full circle! More than 50 services on 10 topics covering almost every need you may have for your home.

For example, we can help you with the cleaning and regular maintenance etc. Read more about it here …

Zoco Home Furniture package

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about our furniture packages and other aspects of house purchases on the Costa del Sol.


Daniel Olmedo
Customer Service Manager