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If you are interested in receiving our brochure material for the individual homes we have to offer right now, and get on our priority list, please contact us to receive the material. In this way, you ensure you get the best opportunity to own shares in the homes before they are fully booked.

8 owners share 1 home on Costa del Sol

more than 6 weeks disposal to each owner

With Mojo Sharing, you get a luxury holiday home on the Costa del Sol for one-eighth of the price.

Here, eight owners buy a home together. This means that each owner only has to pay 12.5% ​​of the price and gets 6 weeks disposal of the property for 6 weeks and three days a year. The right of disposal is distributed based on a rotation scheme, which ensures that all owners are entitled to certain holiday weeks over the years – ex. winter holidays, Easter holidays and summer holidays. You do also have the option of buying two shares in the home, so you double up your share and weeks available for use.

Mojo takes care of everything practical – including finding interested families, articles of association and terms, the housing trade itself and possibly rental of the weeks where the owners do not want to use the home themselves.

Benefits of Mojo Sharing

✔ Lower deposits
✔ Fewer expenses
✔ Bigger and better located home
✔ More value for money
✔ +6 weeks right of disposal per year
✔ No hassle – we take care of everything

With Mojo Sharing you get more value for money
A modern two-bedroom apartment located in a good place between Malaga and Marbella, where we know that most people thrive, quickly costs several hundreds of thousands of euros in a growing market. In most cases, this requires a large down payment plus bank loans, etc.

By sharing both the price and the cost with seven other owners, you can instead buy a bigger, nicer and better located home and completely avoid having to borrow money. Most people who own a holiday home on the Costa del Sol still do not manage to use their holiday home for more than 6 weeks a year. In addition, you also save having to worry about administration, maintenance, rental process, etc. as we will handle all of this for you.

You can even have your operating costs covered by, for example, renting out the home.

Get in touch – absolutely no obligation

Tell us about your needs. We match them with the wishes of other families and then find the ideal shared home.
Or ask for our brochure on Mojo Sharing property here on the site that you love, and we’ll see you in the sun soon!

Frederik Kvist
Mojo Sharing Sales Manager