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Mojo Sharing

5 families share 1 home on the Costa del Sol

more than 10 weeks right of use for each family

With Mojo Sharing you get even closer to the dream home on the Costa del Sol for a lower deposit.

5 families buy a home together. This means that each family only has to pay 20% of the price and has the house available for 10 weeks and 3 days a year.

The right of use is distributed on the basis of a defined booking system, which ensures that all families are entitled to certain holiday weeks over the years – eg winter holidays, Easter holidays and summer holidays.

Of course, we take care of all the practicalities – including finding interested families, articles of associations and conditions, the house purchase itself and, if applicable, any rent.

Benefits of Mojo Sharing
✔ Lower deposits
✔ Fewer expenses
✔ Larger / more beautiful house
✔ 10 weeks right of use a year
✔ Possibility of renting out
✔ No hassle – we can handle it all
✔ No Danish property tax

Are you interested? Contact our sharing specialist Lise Krantz Dalgård at the bottom of the page

You get more value for your money

A small two bedroom apartment in a nice place between Málaga and Marbella, where we know that other Europeans are thriving, can easily cost €200,000. That price requires at least €80,500 in payment plus a mortgage for 70% of the purchase price.

However, by sharing both the price and the cost with 4 other families, you can buy a larger, more comfortable and better located home and completely avoid having to borrow money.
You can even cover your operating costs by, for example, renting out the home for 3 out of the 10 weeks.

Available shared houses

If you are interested in receiving our brochure on the individual homes and getting on our priority list, let us know now and you will be guaranteed the opportunity to inspect the homes before you sign up.

Get in touch – absolutely no obligation

Tell us about your needs. We match them with the wishes of other families and then find the ideal shared home.
Or ask for our brochure on Mojo Sharing property here on the site that you love, and we’ll see you in the sun soon!

lise mojo

Lise Krantz Dalgård
Mojo Sharing Specialist