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An effortless life in the sun

Mojo 360° is complete service before, during and after your home purchase on the Sunshine Coast. We offer the solution we wanted ourselves, when we were looking for houses in southern Spain.

On the internet you can find a large selection of homes for sale on the Sunshine Coast. But…

  • How do you move forward?
  • How do you ensure the right funding?
  • Where is the optimal location?
  • Who is in charge of the deeds?
  • How much can you earn from renting?
    Mojo 360° is the answer
    There is a lot of work to do when buying a house abroad – on the Sunshine Coast too. We experienced this ourselves when we bought a house here many years ago. And it is exactly those challenges that gave us the idea and the desire to establish Mojo Estates.

    If you buy a property through us, we, as the only broker on the Sunshine Coast, will help you through the whole process. Before, during and after the purchase. This service is free for you: it is the seller who pays.

    Your life in the sun begins here
    The process starts with figuring your exact budget. Once in place, we’ll explore your funding options here in Spain. Only then will we go house hunting based on your budget as well as your wishes and needs.

    If you consider renting out your property when you are not using it, we will help you calculate the profit, which may be part of the financing. We can also help you via Mojo Rentals.

    Once the deal is complete, we will first of all change the locks throughout the house and have new keys made for you. In addition, you can use our large network of skilled architects, experienced tradespeople, reliable cleaning staff and much more if work needs to be done on your home.

    Tell us about your Spanish dream home
    Then we’ll tell you how we can make it come true. All it takes is a little bit of Mojo.

    A safe and efficient process – and an even sweeter life in the sun


    The Sunshine Coast is our speciality and we have extensive experience in the property market here. Our brokerage team is ready to advise and guide you throughout the process. And we’re also ready at the airport in Málaga to take you out to show you the houses when you’re ready for it.

    Before you get on the plane heading for the Sunshine Coast, however, we need to have some things in place.

    Tell us about your wishes, needs and your budget. Then we will tell you about your opportunities to become a homeowner on the Sunshine Coast.


    Per Moensted

    20 Feb 2020

    Per Moensted