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Mijas Costa – Rocas del Mar

Mijas Costa – renovation and new construction
Mijas is probably best known for the white, romantic mountain town, many tourists pass by every year. Mijas Costa, on the other hand, is characterized by a number of areas along the coast, which include La Cala de Mijas, el Faro, Riviera del Sol, Miraflores and Calahonda. The area between Fuengirola and Marbella is described with a broad term as Mijas Costa, although of course there are clear distinctions in postcode and area name. Read the article here to find out what characterizes this international area of ​​the Costa del Sol.

Modern construction, real Mediterranean atmosphere
The Mijas Costa area has a lot of international residents. If you ask the immigration office in Mijas (which is located in la Cala de Mijas), there are more than 200 different nationalities living in the municipality. Due to the many international residents, Mijas is also the municipality that is best at involving residents of other nationalities in Spanish, which is seen in the many leisure and language offerings offered.

The Spanish spirit and mood is not completely repressed, but lives side by side with international elements. However, it can be seen that even the completely newly built homes retain an Andalusian touch, which adorns and preserves the Mediterranean atmosphere in the area. Even when renovating a home, one often sees that original Andalusian elements are preserved, or that modern technology wrapped in Andalusian hardware is added, so that it still gives the special atmosphere to stroll or drive down through the palm-lined streets.

Lots of city life in Mijas Costa
With the exception of Calahonda, which has a definite core of urban life, the Mijas Costa areas are most to be described as small charming suburbs. That is not to say that there are not a wealth of opportunities to eat out and enjoy city life. Some of the best beach clubs can be found on Mijas Costa’s sumptuous beaches, which are among the finest on the Costa del Sol. An example is Max Beach, which in recent years has marked itself as a bit of a venue, where it is always in full swing with live entertainment on weekend evenings and full relaxation on Sundays and weekdays. Max Beach is located at the foot of the Riviera del Sol, which lies side by side with Calahonda.

If we move a little further away from the beaches, we find everything from relaxed, non-committal cafes that serve morning coffee and the dish of the day to restaurants that prepare food in fusion cuisine and dining experiences in a class of their own. And should the night last until the bright morning, Mijas Costa is also capable of delivering in nightclubs and bars.
An area like Mijas Costa, which is to accommodate both resident Spaniards and international residents as holidaymakers, the range of pleasures and enjoyment of life must be top notch – which is certainly also the case here.

The golf factor in the Mijas Costa area
Golf is of course a significant factor in the lining when considering buying a home in Mijas Costa. There are well over 30 golf courses in this area, and even if you do not play golf yourself, you will often experience having visitors who do when you live on the Sun Coast. If you are considering renting out your home as a holiday home, the opportunity to play golf in particular will appeal to the older audience.
And if you want to start playing golf yourself at a later date, most courses have good golf PROs who teach at all levels.

Mojo Estates has many homes for sale in the Mijas Costa area, but it’s a good idea to talk to us to find out which area of ​​Mijas Costa is best for you. You can start by booking a conference call with Per or Jacob, who will be happy to guide you regarding your dream home.

Per Moensted

29 Aug 2020

Per Moensted