Inside a villa for renovation in Benalmadena
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Inside a villa for renovation in Benalmádena | La Cappellania

Family villa for 599.000 euros with the possibility of infinity pool and extension

Follow Jacob and Tristan as they review this villa in Benalmádena and come up with their suggestions on how to enhance this gorgeous single storey villa with stunning views and the possibility of upgrades on the higher end. (This means, among other things, infinity pool and extension!)

NOTE: This villa is for sale right now!
If you have been following our previous blogs, you know that it’s all about being quick on making the first move when these villas hit the market. As you can see in the video, Tristan had an online virtual showing when he and Jacob visited the villa recently. The villa is still for sale, but certainly not for long – book a conference call with Per or Jacob if you are ready to shop after watching this video.

Modern family villa, panoramic sea views and luxury?

If you are looking for villas between 500,000 – 750,000 euros on the Costa del Sol, there is a reasonable offer. If it is to be a family villa with a panoramic view, we will find a few fewer, and if it is to be a luxury villa, it will be a completely different matter. However, Mojo Estates specializes in finding villas with a perfect location and with the view as a priority, which can be renovated to become exactly the luxury villa on the Costa del Sol that you go and dream of.

However, this villa stands out in that it has the possibility of extension. The plot is quite large, and an extension will make sense if you want more beds or a separate guest house. Furthermore, any extension will not get in the way of the view, which can usually be a challenge.

Family villa with infinity pool

The villa in La Cappellania for 599.000 euros has, like the previous renovation villas, which were sold almost before they came on the market, opportunities for modernization. The villa has a pool that can be relatively easily turned into an infinity pool, which is quite sought after today. In the video, architect Rodolfo shows how to raise an ordinary pool so that it becomes an infinity pool, where the surface of the pool merges with the surface of the sea on the horizon. Check out Forbes’ list of the most impressive infinity pools in the world, and imagine having access to such a luxury right outside your patio door. Not a bad idea, is it?

Renovate your way to a modern luxury home on the Costa del Sol

It does not have to be a frustrating project to embark on renovating a home. With the right team behind you, you actually do not have to be present yourself. It is quite important to emphasize that it must be a team that is trustworthy. At Mojo Estates, we arrange contact with architects and craftsmen, with whom we have many years of cooperation and who we know can handle the renovation of your home without the hassle and without unnecessary headaches.

In order to get a hand of what is needed for building permits, there are a number of things to be aware of if you want to renovate a home. Of course, it makes sense to get fairly familiar with the cases, but most people use lawyers and experts to secure themselves. Here, too, Mojo Estates has a number of experts that we are used to working with, both when it comes to home renovations and much more.

Contact Per or Jacob if you are thinking of a luxury family villa or if you want to hear more about how Mojo Rentals can help you get your investment back during the periods when you do not use the home yourself. Book a meeting with Per or Jacob here.

Per Moensted

28 Nov 2020

Per Moensted