Finca in Benalamdena Pueblo with Panoramic Sea Views
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A Unique Villa in Mijas Pueblo with Panoramic Sea Views!

Finca in Mijas Pueblo

Rural living does not have to mean 10 kilometers down a gravel road to a house without a number. We go no further than to the foot of Mijas Pueblo to find this modernized Finca with panoramic views – that is, sea views and mountain views at the same time!

Read in this article about Jacob’s visit to a modernized Finca at the foot of Mijas Pueblo. The villa is one of the rarer residential finds on the Costa del Sol – it has rural charm, is close to everything, and fully modernized. If you like the feeling of living remotely while everything is within easy reach, this villa is for you.

Genuine Spanish Finca with modern features

Andalusian style is wonderful if one does not have to live with housing nuisances, also when it all gets a little too authentic. It may be worth keeping in mind when buying a property on the Costa del Sol it is easy to quickly fall in love with the authentic Andalusian villas.

However, this Finca at the foot of Mijas Pueblo has had a full renovation, where the emphasis has been placed on comfortable living, while at the same time being true to the original building style, which gives the home the most wonderful charm. “Out with all the heavy, in with the beautiful, modern decor and the building style we preserve”. This is how the previous owners must have thought when the Finca was modernized and shined up a few years ago. At least Jacob was amazed at the fine work, which you can also see in the video. And a little surprised by the wild boars…

Modernized Finca and authentic wildlife

One of the most unique things about the Costa del Sol is the nature that you have up close. Located at the foot of Mijas Pueblo, it involves small, private olive groves and orchards, which also attract various animals. Among other things, wild boar are sometimes at stake, just as it is not unusual to hear a donkey boasting from the neighboring grove. And then there are the monkeys. This is, of course, Mayan Monkeys Mijas, which is Mijas’ delicious chocolate factory, where you can make your own chocolate and ice cream or enjoy something delicious at the accompanying cafe.

Real village atmosphere and modern convenience

Mijas Pueblo is a small village with a huge personality. The city is well and warmly located at the top of the hill with the mountains at the back. From here there are countless hiking trails up and into the mountain and you can even hike to other mountain ranges from here. Just take a look at Mijas Pueblo’s page on TripAdvisor to get an impression of how much the city has to offer.

Despite the wildly rural living and village atmosphere, you can lie on the beach in just 10 minutes after getting in your car. That of course, is a fact that comes into play when looking at villas for sale around Mijas Pueblo. In addition, the distance to the airport is also down to half an hour, which in turn helps the area’s value and is a contributing reason why we do not see many properties for sale in Mijas Pueblo. And those that come up for sale have a fairly short stay on the market, especially if they have been modernized.

Message Per or Jacob if you have a dream home or just want to hear more about your investment opportunities on the Costa del Sol. Book a conference call. The area below Mijas Pueblo is called Mijas Costa – this area extends over a large number of smaller towns. Read this article on Mijas Costa if you want to know more about the area.

Per Moensted

03 Dec 2020

Per Moensted