Inside Andalusian Villa for Sale | Las Lomas de Mijas
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Inside Andalusian Villa for Sale | Las Lomas de Mijas

Family villa in Mijas

4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms – totally private
Come inside when Jacob and Maria review this unique villa that has just enough authentic details and lots of modern comforts.
We have previously dealt with these renovation-friendly villas for 500-750,000 EUR on the Costa del Sol. This time we are just above the middle of this price range. On the other hand, only a slight renovation is needed. Read on here and find out how easy a renovation it is.

Quality villa in Mijas – easy renovation

It is an architectural villa that may need various upgrades. Because the quality is top-notch, it is definitely a sensible project to embark on a light renovation. Several things, such as the wall-to-wall carpets, appear old-fashioned, but these are superficial things that can quickly shine up and (even at a low cost) can give the rooms the modern look you want today. That’s why we call it a “light renovation”, as it is a lighter renovation it’s more a question of the interior designer than the craftsman who comes to work here.

Modern Mijas villa with soul and personality

In several ways, it is clear that we have grabbed an architect-designed villa here. The room distribution is already reasonably open, which is usually where you like to go when renovating. That said, with this villa, there is still the opportunity to improve some of the room distribution and open up even more. In addition, you can also insert some blurred panoramic windows, so you get full value for money in terms of the sumptuous sea views.

This is a villa that is authentic in the way modern customers like it. There is a demand for houses with authentic details, personality and soul. From the fountain of the entrance to the massive wooden gates and exposed rafters – it invites a buyer who is interested in preserving some of the unique features that make this villa stand out from a normal villa.

Mijas villa: Location ✓ View ✓ Price ✓

As with the other refurbished villas that Mojo Estates is known for having on offer, it is important that:

This family villa in Mijas ticks all three. In addition, the villa has a full 400 square meters for living and consists of 4 bedrooms with 4 bathrooms.
The plot is 1500 square meters and the garden stands out by being flat, which is quite unusual for a villa located in the hilly landscape of Mijas. However, the villa is well located with the back of the villa facing the cliff and the front of the villa facing southwest with sea views all around.

Family-friendly villa
In addition to the open plan kitchen, the lower floor also has a space suitable for a home office or home gym. On the top floor, there are high ceilings and two of the rooms even have a loft for extra sleeping space or the kids’ play area. The enclosed garage has room for two cars and a third can be parked outside in front.

The area around Mijas Pueblo (Las Lomas de Mijas)

The villa is located in Las Lomas de Mijas. It is halfway up between Fuengirola and Benalmádena close to Mijas Pueblo. There is total privacy and unobstructed views from all rooms of the villa. However, you do not have to compromise on convenience, as Mijas Pueblo offers lots of exciting cafes and restaurants, and then there is only an 8-minute drive to the beach and the Costa del Sol´s good city life.

You snooze, you lose
It’s no secret that it’s going strong when Mojo Estates goes out with such a refurbished villa with perfect location and amazing views as well as a price that is just right. It is this kind of villas that are being sold in record time on the Costa del Sol. So be quick if you think this villa is for you. Viewing (virtual or physical) can be booked by contacting Per or Jacob for a meeting.

Per Moensted

10 Dec 2020

Per Moensted