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New Development on the Costa del Sol

Highlighted New Build Property: Med Two in Carvajal

At Mojo, it’s about finding good deals for customers. This means, regardless of the price level, that you as a buyer get value for money. One way to get the most value for money is to look at project housing. To be precise, you get the most value for money the earlier you invest in a new build property. In this blog where you get general knowledge about buying New build on the Costa del Sol as well as an exclusive highlighted New Build in Reserva del Higuerón, where it is possible to make a good housing deal in a solid project.

New Build on the Costa del Sol

-do your preparation and invest with a clear conscience

New build properties are apartments or villas you buy before they are built. Of course, investing in a property that has not been built otherwise can be nerve-wracking, and can feel worse if you do not live in the area (or in the country) and can not go by and inspect the construction site when you feel like it. The answer would be that you ally yourself with a good broker who will give you updates along the way and who looks after your interests.

You can also do some of the preparation yourself by researching the developer. Have they developed other big projects, if so this is a good sign. Maybe the developer has other projects nearby that you can also go out and see or find information about. Last but not least, you should always talk to a lawyer specializing in property sales when considering investing in a new build home. It gives peace of mind when you become aware of what risks are associated with buying new build housing and how trustworthy they are.

Purchase and project housing do not happen “blindly”

Although you can not view the property, step through the door, and explore the property you intend to buy, there are many other ways to get an impression of the new build property. There will usually be scaled models and drawings, and with technology today, there is often also a 360-degree virtual display. Likewise, materials and samples will often be available at the sales office as the project progresses.

New build property: Where you can choose!

When you buy a new build on the Costa del Sol, you often get a lot of say. You will typically have to decide on the choice of materials and other things that can be selected and deselected along the way. Of course, it is always possible to just choose the version that the developer recommends for the budget, but if you go up for a personalized home, it can be quite cool to have a say in the interior design. It also allows you to pay a little more and get the items or accessories that matter most to you.

First movers make the best home deals

It’s no secret that Mojo Estates likes to be first on the trigger. We strive to be first in the field that will allow us time and time again to find really good property deals on the Costa del Sol for a buyer base that is growing all the time. Being a first-mover also means that we reach the top first. To the top of the mountain at least. Watch here as Jacob set out to get first to the top of the Sierra Nevada ski resort.

When it comes to buying a New build on the Costa del Sol, first movers are the first to enter the first stages. Prices tend to rise 10% when a building license is first submitted, so there is a lot of money to be saved by having chosen a sensible project and buying into it before others do.

Med Two project in Carvajal

Mojo Estates has the opportunity to take in many New build projects, but these are only a few selected projects that we pass on to our customers as opportunities to make a really good home sale. Med Two is one of them.

For many years, Reserva del Higuerón has been one of the most sought after areas on the Costa del Sol. Here we have seen a lot of sensible and solid projects pop up over the years. Most recently, the Med One project was completed. It is an exclusive tall building close to the beach in Carvajal, located between Benalmádena and Fuengirola. The Med Two project is a smaller version of Med One and is called a boutique version of the coveted – there is walking distance to the beach, restaurants, shops and even to Carvajal train station. A total of 38 units will be put up for sale.

So be quick and save yourself 10% before building license!

Per Moensted

25 Dec 2020

Per Moensted