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Inside a Charming Townhouse in Buenavista (Mijas) | Panoramic Sea and Mountain views!

Although Jacob recently visited Buena Vista, it’s an area Mojo has not done much to promote before, and it’s a shame because it really deserves it. Therefore, this time we have visited a townhouse in the urbanization, which is distinguished by its location on the southwest-facing slope and that it is a gated community. That is, it is fenced, giving residents greater security and safety.

When Jacob last visited Buena Vista, it was to view a plot that builder Pablo is building a modern villa, where the buyer himself can influence the design. If you are curious about how it goes, you can follow Jacob’s previous visit to Buena Vista in this video.

From New Build to a townhouse in Buena Vista

How do you go from reserving a New build to buying a townhouse? The thing is that Jacob was out with a Danish couple who had actually decided to buy a New Build. But when they got home, they thought that waiting for 2 years from the early phase was a little too long and wanted to embark on their Spanish adventure right away. That’s how it can go. The plans for when you can enjoy your Spanish holiday home may change. And not all people have the patience to wait for a New build to be completed. Fortunately, this family had turned to Mojo Estates, who see opportunities rather than limitations.

From having reserved a New build, Jacob now had to find a resale home for a family who was willing to put a bit of renovation work into the house to be able to move into it immediately thereafter and get started enjoying their vacation home right away. It became the first home sale of the year: a townhouse in Buena Vista, Mijas.

Buena Vista: Townhouse with ample space

The challenge when looking for a townhouse on the Costa del Sol is often that you can feel a bit squeezed side by side with the neighboring houses and you may have to compromise on the view. This is not the case in this townhouse in Buena Vista, which overlooks the entire Mijas and the Mediterranean. Because these townhouses are located with the “back” to the mountainside, you get the feeling of living in the “campo”, without living in the campo. It is 5 minutes to Mijas Pueblo and 4 minutes to the beach. The nearest supermarket is just down the road. Check out the location of this townhouse yourself and remember to zoom out and see the mountain range that forms the ‘backdrop’.

The townhouse in Buena Vista, which the family ended up buying instead of a New build, is a great example of a home that is priced just right for the market. When we are out in a townhouse on the Costa del Sol in the vicinity of 250-500,000 euros, which is resale, some kind of renovation must be expected. Just as was the case with this residence. The price also reflected the need for a renovation that the family was set on. All in all, a good home sale at a reasonable price.

Renovation of townhouse

The solution was a resale home, where some renovation is usually needed. This townhouse is a good example of this. Most of the renovations are small items, except for the kitchen which is a larger task. It is usually a task that really pays off in terms of quality of life and a sense of many extra square feet.
Mojo Estates has rich experience in finding good home purchases on the Costa del Sol, which need an upgrade. In a previous article, we took a look at whether a renovation-ready home on the Costa del Sol can become your dream home and come up with a few examples of what renovation-ready homes on the Costa del Sol should typically have done.

In the end, you depend on what the buyer is set on. Some will be able to start their housing on the Costa del Sol immediately, others are fine with the waiting time for a New build. Talk to Mojo Estates if you are in doubt about what is the best solution for you. Book a conference call with Per or Jacob to talk about your housing wishes.

Per Moensted

08 Jan 2021

Per Moensted