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A NEW way of investing on the Costa del Sol
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Society Marbella Magazine Have you ever met someone who immediately grabs your attention and leaves you eager to learn more about their way of life? You find yourself craving their positive outlook and wanting to immediately make them a part of your friend group? Well, I have met not one but two of these magical rays of sunshine and they are taking the Costa del Sol by storm (and giving us all a taste of their mojo).

Per and Jacob are the dynamic duo behind The House of Mojo including Mojo Estates and intend on making their mark not only in the real estate world but also offer a multifaceted, one-stop shop for all your financial and investment needs.

There is now a steady influx of Nordic investors taking the leap to the Costa, not only for the obvious reasons such as the tranquil beaches and warmer climates, but also because economically the area is proving to be a safe investment due to the high financial returns. Mojo can make the process even sweeter by being able to offer insider knowledge and know how on saving clients’ money by utilising a few hidden tax secrets.

When I sat down to have a chat with the boys I was left in a cloud of awe and maybe developed a bit of a crush, Jacob has been christened “the hottest broker on the coast” so I think it’s safe to say I’m not alone on that one.

As one of the most talked about real estate agencies in Marbella… What sets Mojo Estates apart?

It’s all about the Mojo! This isn’t just a catchy phrase or play on words (yes it is the result of mixing both the boys’ surnames), it’s a way of life for Per and Jacob and this one small word carries a wealth of power. Mojo means a way of life, a positive and inspirational attitude and all the optimistic reassurance possible.

On a more personal level, Per left home at the tender age of 7 to his grandparents by his own decision. At just 16 years old he was living alone and independence was thrust upon him. Money wasn’t easy to come by – not without hard work, determination and a huge amount of mojo. He went all the way in business education and was finally one of the youngest students in Denmark to complete an Executive MBA, which enabled him to take several of his businesses to a multi million dollar platform.

Jacob has been a resident on the coast for 15 years, Per for 7. Their families are also intertwined due to their daughters being best friends from an early age. Both boys are happy married for +20 years with 3 children each.

In short, the team not only has a tremendous knowledge of the industry, they also value the importance of your investment and make it a personal pledge to construct your dream to the highest ability. Being avid family men, it also makes for a wellrounded, soulful business with a big heart.

Per and JacobUltra personal, ‘one on one’ Mojo Estates services

Mojo offers a multiple threat. A fivefold which includes: Mojo Estates, Mojo Capitals, Mojo Invest, Mojo Sharing, and Mojo Rentals. They want to offer a complete service to their clients. With a team of over 16 multinational employees including two in-house lawyers, you will sure to be looked after, think of them as you’re extended, reassuring family.

Per and Jacob have made it a Mojo law to make sure they put clients first. If you plan on spending a few hundred thousand or a few million, you will be offered the same impeccable level of service, “we always look at people rather than their budgets” is a key Mojo mantra).

Satisfaction isn’t just a word to them, it’s a way of life. When it comes to creating a property portfolio, they will only show you those which are financially viable, logical and tick as many boxes as possible. Without a doubt you won’t get a whiff of car salesman tactics. Oh and be prepared to be offered copious amounts of champagne.

Business + Pleasure = Mojo Lifestyle Mojo duo are experienced business men but also know that life is for living, so why not combine the two.

Jacob’s career path started down the music route (think Beyonce… yes, really) so he has always had a media vibe running through his veins.

Their instagram content is totally different to the usual property spill; it’s lively and shows you an insight into the top 1% of properties. You can scroll and never get bored! (@mojoestates).

Per and JacobMojo Capitals
The latest and definitely unique addition to the Mojo dynasty is “Mojo Capitals”. A Real Estate Investment Trust is a huge market in America but has yet to be adopted in Spain. With this new concept anyone can invest and own shares in Mojo Capitals with a starting amount of €100,000. The Mojo team will do all the heavy lifting from searching for a property, renovating, renting out and finally selling leaving the clients to merely relish in their financial returns. First year intake from investors will be between 7-15 million euro.

Per and Jacob let us in on their secret of how to make money…

Invest in property! With Mojo helping I think this is an absolute reality, the team is second to none. I will promptly be counting my spare change to hopefully be able to invest personally.

Mojo Estates in the near future…

Jacob, Per and the entire Mojo group can only see an acceleration. The brand is forever evolving and moving with the times, probably a few leaps ahead. Being ambassadors for the Costa is also top of their list, they want to ensure that everyone gets a taste of the real Spanish Golden Coast.

They will never stop trying to improve and provide the Costa with excellent service. Mojo is one to keep an eye on.

Per Moensted

09 Jul 2021

Per Moensted