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There has never been a better time to invest on the
Costa del Sol! | Mojo Invest

According to the Mojo gents, ‘with the right partner, sun can turn into gold’. if you invest in the Costa del Sol, with their help, it just may do… This month, Per and Jacob are back to talk about Mojo Invest, the fourth component of their real estate business. If you’re thinking about investing in...

Mojo 360° | The Full Cycle and Future of Marbella Real Estate

This month team Mojo discuss their fully vertical real estate operation “Mojo 360°”. The duo Per and Lise remember only too well the challenges and concerns they personally experienced during the process of buying their own houses here on the Costa del Sol many years ago. It was these experiences that prompted them to develop...

A NEW way to own a Luxury Villa in Marbella from 624.932 € | Mojo Sharing

Have you always dreamed of a holiday home on the sunny Costa del Sol? What is holding you back? The maintenance? The language barrier? The legalities? We feel you. The Mojo gents are back this month to encourage people to pursue their dreams. We met up with Per and Lise, so they could tell us...

Mojo Capitals – A return of no less than 10% per annum, 60% tax-free profit!

Always wanted to invest in property but haven’t known where to start? With Mojo Capitals, it couldn’t be simpler – not to mention well worth the return. Mojo Capitals is the newest member of the House of Mojo. It’s the first Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) on the Costa del Sol, and – as with...

mojo lawyer
Mojo Estates Talks Lawyers – House of Mojo

This month, the Mojo boys are joined by the Mojo girls, Lorena and Gema, the company’s lawyers, to discuss why it’s so important to have a lawyer you can trust when buying a property. Buying or selling a house is never a simple task. Full of paperwork, hidden fees, and a house-buying lingo that can...

A NEW way of investing on the Costa del Sol
(Mojo Capitals)

Have you ever met someone who immediately grabs your attention and leaves you eager to learn more about their way of life? You find yourself craving their positive outlook and wanting to immediately make them a part of your friend group? Well, I have met not one but two of these magical rays of sunshine...

Area Guides
Building your dream home on the Costa del Sol

Do you dream of owning a beautiful house in a sun-drenched paradise with breathtaking views, top-notch amenities, and endless entertainment options? Check out this extensive building project our clients are conducting in Los Monteros in Marbella, and find out more about reforming homes on the Costa del Sol. Why build your dream house in Los...

New houses under the sun
Fabulous penthouse in Reserva del Higuerón
995.000 €

Fabulous penthouse in Reserva del Higuerón

This fabulous South facing penthouse in The Hill Collection in the heart of the sought after area of Reserva del...

Beds: 3
Baths: 3
Built: 239 m²