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Mojo Capitals – A return of no less than 10% per annum, 60% tax-free profit!

Always wanted to invest in property but haven’t known where to start? With Mojo Capitals, it couldn’t be simpler – not to mention well worth the return. Mojo Capitals is the newest member of the House of Mojo. It’s the first Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) on the Costa del Sol, and – as with anything the gentlemen do – a fool-proof way to make money in the property market – we’re talking a minimum of 60%, tax-free.

Per, Jacob, and their newly appointed Head of Capitals in Denmark, Joachim Schiødtz, have come up with a six-year property investment plan aimed at achieving a return of no less than 10% per annum.

To be an investor in Mojo Capitals requires a minimum buy-in of 100,000 euro, and the gentlemen will use this money in the property market, buying the most lucrative properties, reforming, renting, and selling them when the time is right, within a five-year period.

“Investors become a shareholder of a company that invests in property, which will only be active for a maximum of six years,” explains Per. “We will buy properties outright – no mortgages or loans – and we will sell them within five years. We will then liquidate the company and holding investors will receive their shares, tax-free… It will be the best and fastest way of making money without taking the risks.”

“What we’re doing is completely unique. To make money like this in the property market is time-consuming, not to mention uncertain,” says Per. “But what other companies don’t have is the House of Mojo. We are experienced in buying, managing, reforming, renting, and selling properties; we know where to look and who to speak to. We have in-house lawyers and real estate agents – we can manage almost everything ourselves.”

Trust and transparency
Investing in something, no matter how big or small, comes with a level of risk, and putting your trust in someone else to do it can only add to the feeling of doubt. The gentlemen completely understand this, which is why they are always fully transparent with their clients in every aspect of their business – Mojo Capitals will be no different.

To keep investors up-to-date with what’s happening in the company, they’ll make videos, reports, and welcome them to on-site meetings so they can see for themselves what’s being done with their money. “We are professional through and through and we want to make Mojo Capitals appeal to everyone,” adds Per.

“Being visual and interactive is a brilliant way to communicate with people. It’s all part of having an open and honest relationship – people have to believe in us.”

What’s the catch?
There isn’t one. Well, there’s the small 0.9% fee that Mojo will take for managing the whole process and an earnout; but that’s a very small price to pay for a 60% tax-free profit, not to mention a lot cheaper than general investment services.
Meet Joachim Schiødt

CEO of Mojo Capitals A-S Based in Denmark, Joachim will be the face of Mojo Capitals, and the person our investors can call on for anything they need. Joachim has a wealth of experience working on similar real estate projects, across Spain, Germany, and Denmark. He has also started and operated several companies within technology and recruitment, as well as being an investor in Danish, English and Middle Eastern startups. A SIX-YEAR PROPERTY INVESTMENT PLAN INTENDED TO ACHIEVE A RETURN OF NO LESS THAN 10% PER ANNUM… 60% TAX-FREE PROFIT

Case Study
Check out Mojo’s latest acquisition; a grandiose villa in Elviria about to start a transformation!

Per Moensted

04 Nov 2021

Per Moensted