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A NEW way to own a Luxury Villa in Marbella from 624.932 € | Mojo Sharing

Have you always dreamed of a holiday home on the sunny Costa del Sol?

What is holding you back? The maintenance? The language barrier? The legalities? We feel you. The Mojo gents are back this month to encourage people to pursue their dreams. We met up with Per and Lise, so they could tell us more about their sharing concept, which makes buying a property on the golden coast of Spain more achievable. There is no need to wait until you retire to own a holiday luxurious villa.

Let us introduce you to “Mojo Sharing” and show you the multitude of benefits of second home co-ownership without all the hassle.

Sharing is Caring

Mojo proves that a bigger house doesn’t necessarily mean bigger expenses. The innovative concept involves buying a property with 8 families, meaning each of them only has to pay 1/8 of the price and has the house available for 6 weeks a year.

A perfect opportunity for people who think 6 weeks of vacation a year is more than enough, but want to spend it in a larger, more comfortable, and higher-quality home. Forget the old timeshare principle. With “Mojo Sharing” you own a home, not just a block of time.

They offer all kinds of properties, whether you fancy a luxurious villa in the mountains or a cozy apartment close to the beach, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The experienced team matches your needs with the wishes of other families and finds the ideal shared home for you and your loved ones.

Lise, the “Mojo Sharing” specialist, oversees the calendar. She will ensure everything runs smoothly and every owner has equitable access to their house during high-demand peak seasons, keeping it simple and fair for everyone and with full transparency and open communication between the families… worry-free!.

All you need to do is show up and enjoy your second home during the times that matter to you most.

The Democratisation of Luxury

The awareness of reducing our consumption has grown over the past few years. Gone are the days of 100% ownership – sharing economy is the future. Why spend one million euro on a second home when it will most likely be empty 10 months of the year? Isn’t it smarter to spend 125k and enjoy the same villa? “Mojo Sharing” makes luxury second homes accessible to more people and is the most sustainable way to own a holiday home – No space goes to waste!

Mojo has partnered up with Pacaso, a Californian company – known worldwide that recently landed in Marbella and shares the same concept of co-ownership.

“We created a solution for company owners to buy their second home shares through the company, so it’s tax-deductible”

“We help clients get matched with their ideal system suiting their needs. Thanks to our trusted partners Pacaso, we can also offer financing; between 50%-60% of the 1/8 of your second home, with an interest rate of less than 4%” explains Per “No banks, no traditional Spanish mortgage nightmare procedure.

Suddenly, a 3.2 million villa, which shares would be worth 400.000€, will be achievable for less than 200.000€!”

Company Funds, Private Use

Foreigners, especially Scandinavians, encounter a big barrier when buying a holiday home in Spain: Mr. Taxman. If their money is in their companies, it’s impossible to take it out without losing over 50%. “We’ve found a way through that,” says Per. “We’ve created a solution for company owners to buy their second home shares through the company, so it’s tax friendly”. This is an extremely attractive solution for business owners!.


You can also opt for a property fully serviced by Mojo Rentals. Renting out your allocated 6 weeks would cover your annual costs, making the investment completely self-funded. “If someone decides to rent out his shares of the property, the majority of the gain will cover his own costs, but part of it also goes to the maintenance of the property, so everybody wins,” says Lise.

“Mojo Rentals” is more than happy to help you with the entire process.

Mojo Sharing makes luxury second homes accessible to more people and is the most sustainable way to own a holiday home.

We Manage it, You Own it – Hassle-Free

It’s your house. You own 12,5% of the shares in notary… or more! You can always opt to own two or more blocks of shares. Whenever you decide to sell them, you’ll benefit from the rising value of the property, and who better to guide you than the real estate experts themselves!

Their wealth of experience enables them to oversee the complete service, taking care of anything and everything – property management from the rotation booking system ensuring fairness for all, administration, taxes, maintenance, cleaning, and rental if applicable. “We want a trouble-free process for you, so you can get that holiday feeling right away” – says Per.

“Mojo Sharing” makes second home ownership simple, sustainable, and affordable. Join the Sharing family and
pursue that dream!

Per Moensted

06 Feb 2022

Per Moensted