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Mojo 360° | The Full Cycle and Future of Marbella Real Estate

This month team Mojo discuss their fully vertical real estate operation “Mojo 360°”.

The duo Per and Lise remember only too well the challenges and concerns they personally experienced during the process of buying their own houses here on the Costa del Sol many years ago. It was these experiences that prompted them to develop the now hugely successful concept.

“Finding your dream home is only one step of the journey. There is a lot of work involved before and after signing in the notary. We offer a comprehensive list of over 50 services to assist our clients during the whole process.”

Simplify the stressful stuff
As the name suggests, Mojo 360° is a one-stop agency helping you with everything property-related from start to finish. “We always start with a thorough conversation to better understand our client’s needs and objectives… Is it an investment? A family home? Do they need to reform?… We have a network of top specialists who we meet with to design the best plan of action. From obtaining a mortgage to making sure their house is move-in ready. Our job doesn’t end there. After completion, we stay in touch for whatever they might need; an alarm system, internet, legalities, maintenance…” says Lise.

Thanks to their local knowledge and an extensive list of affiliates the team can facilitate their clients with skilled and reliable experts without extra charges.

“The House of Mojo consists of in-house lawyers, accountants, insurance experts, rental agents – everything imaginable needed for a successful purchase process. You can be confident that all the necessary tasks will be taken care of under one roof to ensure a seamless transaction. Even after you have received your keys, you can still count on us as our clients become part of the Mojo family.

We operate like a property-related concierge service. I don’t know any agency in Andalucía that helps their buyers to that extent. We truly care about our clients and want to reward them for their loyalty,” says Per.

“Even after you have received your keys, you can still count on us as our clients become part of the Mojo family.”

Trust is a Two-way Street
Mojo 360 the fullpackage“The Nordic system is very different compared to the Spanish when it comes to selling a house,” explains Per. In the Nordic countries, each property has its own agent, which means buyers only care about the property and not about the agent. While down here, since everybody shares listings, clients choose the agent who provides the best services. “By us giving a good service, we show our clients that they can rely on us.”

“We want to be able to look our clients in the eyes and say, ‘We are here for you, also after the deal’. We really take the time to listen to them and offer a helping hand wherever we can.”

Package perks
The Mojo guys like to spoil their buyers, offering a 50% discount on legal services and 10% off Mojo rentals. Their trusted team of professionals can even help you with tax efficiency.

The entire process is in-house. Clients can benefit from all the services the House of Mojo has to offer, which is a win-win for both parties. Lise adds “Our 360° approach means that we can be much more straightforward and get things done faster and cheaper.”

“Having someone you can trust who speaks your language and can help you whenever a problem may occur is crucial. Mojo 360° will save you a lot of frustration and wasted time.”

Mojo 360°… The future of Marbella real estate.

Per Moensted

01 Mar 2022

Per Moensted