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Make money with Mojo Invest – Investment opportunity in Benalmádena

Two things are needed to turn sun into gold, as we say:

In the video, you will see an incredible investment opportunity. Maybe that is not what you see straight away, but that is why Mojo is here.

It requires knowledge of the market and the location to understand the vast potential of these empty, old buildings full of graffiti. Not to mention imagination and the ability to look further into the future.

The only limitation is your imagination!

With the right investor, Mojo Invest can turn these three big plots into a return of investment paradise. It is possible to build holiday homes for both long-term and short-term rentals as well as modern apartments, which you can sell at a favorable price.

Why should you invest in Costa del Sol?

The name says it all … There are more than 320 days of sunshine on Costa del Sol. The coast actually has the mildest winters in all of Europe. The climate is one of the biggest reasons why 20 million tourists visit Costa del Sol each year. More and more people also choose to pack their bags and relocate.

The infrastructure is well-developed and the area is generally growing and improving. Therefore, the potential is enormous – just like the demand.

Find out why it is a good idea to invest in a property on Costa del Sol.

The financial aspect: The property prices

As an investor, you will also be happy to know that the prices on Costa del Sol are relatively low. The Spanish real estate market has been acting very differently compared to northern Europe since the financial crisis in 2008.

The prices were slowly rising just before the corona pandemic, but even then, they were significantly lower than in other countries like Denmark, Sweden and England.

The Spanish markets have been affected financially by the corona crisis, but recent reports indicate that the markets are adjusting themselves back to normal. The region of Andalusía is recovering the strongest, as sales have increased more than 50 % since 2019. In addition, the interest rate is low and can be locked for 25 years.

Read how other investors have used Mojo Invest to buy properties on Costa del Sol.

Why should you invest in a property in Benalmádena?

In the video, Jakob, Per and Lorena from Mojo Legal Services show you three previous hotel buildings that are now bank repossessions and exciting investment opportunities located just by the beach in Benalmádena.

“As an investor, you want to make sure that you buy in the right location at the right price.”

Benalmádena is an excellent location for families in particular. There is a beautiful park in the middle of the centre with free animals (Parque de la Paloma), Tivoli World, a cable car attraction, and Selwo Park, where you can swim with dolphins.

Benalmádena also attracts many other people with its award-winning marina, vibrant nightlife, countless restaurants and big beaches.

Find out more about the popular area of Benalmádena.

Mojo Invest

Mojo Invest is part of the House of Mojo. As always, we apply our expertise, experience, and knowledge of the real estate market on Costa del Sol and the local laws to help our clients get the highest possible value for their money.

Mojo Invest is for you who would like to invest in property, land and development projects on the Costa del Sol with a local partner who can reform old buildings with graffiti into wonderful holiday homes with a nice profit.

See examples of properties bought and renovated by Mojo Invest.

With Mojo as your partner, you will get expertise in the following areas:

Would you like to make money on property investments in Benalmádena or other places on Costa del Sol?

Contact Mojo Invest to find out more.

Per Moensted

20 May 2022

Per Moensted