Big Family Home in Benalmadena
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Dream home on the Costa del Sol:
Big family villa in Benalmadena

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Can you imagine what a house looks like without furniture? With different tiles on the floors? A whole other room distribution or maybe a raised roof and a guest house? When dealing with a renovation project, it often takes good imagination to get the most out of a home inside your head. At Mojo Estates, these types of homes are only taken in if they have a perfect view, so this is something the buyer does not have to imagine. Read here about how Mojo Estates has in a short time become the brokers’ reference point on the Costa del Sol and why they are constantly receiving new housing items.

Mojo has home tours on a 24-hour basis

Per and Jacob look at homes all the time. In a short time, the two Mojos have become a reference point for successful home sales on the Costa del Sol, and this can be seen in the amount of referrals they recieve. And correspondingly on the amount of homes that need to be inspected. All brokers will show Mojo Estates homes because the brokers know Mojo has the sellers. However, Per and Jacob are thorough with what they take in. Their high success rate is largely due to the fact that they know the customers and they are in no doubt about their desires. “We have a high success rate because we do not show our customers something that is only half as good. It must be homes that offer the extra or that you can make a dream home with the help of a sensible investment. The other brokers know very well that we are really good at this, so they come to us first with the most interesting homes on the Costa del Sol, ”says Jacob, who emphasizes that there are good investment opportunities in homes on the Costa del Sol, if you know what to go for.

Fair price when buying a home on the Cosat del Sol

Mojo Estates knows the market and the terms, and is not shy in saying if they think a home is priced too high. However, it is not a given that a home should be pushed down in price. Whether Per and Jacob are clear in their speech to their customers: “Especially when it comes to these homes for around 500,000 euros, which can become a great home, we clearly announce to potential buyers – they must be quick to decide because only a limited amount of these will be on the market, ”says Jacob Johansen and continues to. Jacob who recently experienced selling one of these renovation-friendly homes in 3 hours, which is a new record for the already efficient real estate agent

Mojo Estate’s own renovation service

“One of the reasons why we are good at getting these homes negociated is also that we are experienced in seeing how houses can be twisted so that you get the dream home out of it. We provide you with contact with an approved architect and renovation service as part of Mojo’s 360° concept. Then, in consultation with the buyer and architect, we can quickly take control of the situation and assess whether the home will be able to get the value increase that is hoped for. The service partners we communicate with will be able to come up with an actual roadmap for the renovation of the house, which we relate to and guide the buyer around, ”says Per Mønsted, and adds that the architectural service is especially important when doing a good job.

Housing trade fast: “These refurbished homes with perfect location and views are relatively rare. They are often sold the moment they come on the market, so there is no time to style the home and make it look delicious. This is where Jacob and I come into the picture. We are the ones who give the buyer ideas for what they can do with the home and what it will realistically cost to get it done. We can provide that information quickly and concretely, as we have experienced and real partners for the renovation of homes on the Costa del Sol.”

Per Moensted

21 Nov 2020

Per Moensted